Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Adventures in Nap Time...

Sadie is having a bit of a struggle with her sleep patterns. I think she may be going through a growth spurt, or maybe she’s just exhausted because the weather’s been nicer so she’s been doing a lot of running around outside.

Whatever the reason, we have had a tough couple of days.

Sadie usually wakes up at 6:30 on the dot each morning, takes a nap from 1:30-3:00pm each day and then falls asleep at 7:30 at night.

This arrangement had worked well for us for quite a while.

Suddenly though, she’s exhausted by 10:30am. The other day on the way home from morning Mass she even fell asleep and didn’t wake up until halfway through lunch. Unfortunately, even the early nap didn’t seem to be enough, and she was very cranky by bedtime (and I didn’t really want to put her down before her bedtime, because every time I’ve tried that she’s ended up wide awake and ready to play at 4am).

Is she suddenly back to two naps a day again (I’m going to try it out and see if it works)?

She even slept this morning until 7:15, which is very late for the princess bunny.

As we work out her new sleep schedule, things have been pretty cranky around here. And she’s frustrated with Mommy for not figuring out what’s going to work next more quickly…

Tomorrow I think I’ll try out two naps again and hope that it works. Otherwise we might have a few more days with the grumpy little princess storming around the house.

Friday, April 23, 2010

More Time Outs!

We had yet another funny time out the other day.

Sadie had another incident that involved pushing a cat (Delilah, of course, because she’s the only cat that’s brave enough to spend a significant amount of time with Sadie) off of the ottoman in the middle of the living room. She knows that this is a major no-no.

So she wasn’t surprised when Nani and I both said “no” at the same time, as Delilah fled across the room, and I followed it with, “Sadie, go to the time out corner. You know you don’t push cats. It’s time for a time out.”

Sadie turned, walked across the room and walked over to the hallway corner. I was sitting in a chair in the living room and decided I would give something new a try. The time out corner was just out of site from where I was sitting, but I could hear Sadie walk to it and sit down. When she sat down I started to count. I got to six before I heard Sadie stand up and start to walk back into the room. She proceeded to walk over to me, grab my hand and lead me back over to the time out corner. Then she dropped my hand and sat down, content as I stood behind her and counted to ten. Then she got up and went back out to play.

She giggled through most of the time out though… and seems to think that being sentenced to a time out is pretty hilarious…

I have a feeling she’s going to be able to count to twenty pretty soon… she hears those numbers so frequently…

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time Out!

Sadie was having a little bit of a hard time being gentle with the kitties today. After one particularly rough moment that involved Sadie pushing Delilah off of the ottoman in the middle of the living room, Nani told Sadie that she was going to have a time out. Sadie got up and walked out of the room over to the corner in the hallway where she has her time outs, sat in the corner, folded her hands in her lap and then waited for Nani to follow her in and count to ten.

A while later she was frustrated about something and swung at me (she’s been so frustrated about talking lately that she’s been having her terrible two tantrums early). I told her that if she did it again she was going to have to have a time out. She stopped mid tantrum, got up and walked out of the room again and gave herself a time out. When I followed her I found her sitting in the corner giggling.

She doesn’t seem to mind the time outs, but they do seem to give her a chance to calm down.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weather Vanes, Buckets and Tractors

Sadie is currently playing with her red tractor. Her obsession with all things tractor began months ago (around the time she was able to walk around outside and see Grumpa on his tractor) and doesn’t look as if it’s going to end any time soon. This morning Grumpa won extra points by wearing his red tractor t-shirt. Sadie was quick to spot it and had to run over to show Grumpa that she’d noticed the tractor and that she loved it.

Her interest in weather vane continues, but she’s added to it and now is very excited about looking at pictures of buckets. This is also a result of reading barn books (because apparently when I pointed her interest out to Nani she said that it had started with the Big Red Barn book upstairs) and I first noticed it this morning when she kept turning her nursery rhyme book to the Jack and Jill page and then to the front page, which also has a miniature Jack and Jill. She points out the bucket picture again and again, while I repeat, “bucket,” “bucket.”

She can also tell you that the sound that every bird makes is “bwak, bwak, bwak, bwak” (like a chicken). Every non-bird animal says “moooooooo,” which also happens to be the word for “moon.”

And the other very cute phrase that Sadie likes to say?


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sadie Sleeps!

Sadie slept through the night last night in her big girl bed! I put her down a little before eight and she showed up standing next to my bed staring at me and making little puppy whimpering sounds some time around 6. Ten whole hours of toddler sleep!

I'm really hoping it lasts! We switched over to Pull Ups two nights ago, because the normal diapers were no longer working at night and I'm not sure how the switch is contributing to her suddenly sounder sleep, but there does seem to be a connection. She went from waking up five to eight times a night, to waking up three times a night two nights ago, to sleeping through the night last night! That's really quick progress and it makes me love Sadie's new little pink princess Pull Ups (which she's quite thrilled with too because of the whole pink princess aspect of them).

I remember that third trimester sleep usually isn't the best... but I'll take all the sleep that I can get these days! Sleeping from ten to six last night was a dream come true!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Smurf Shoes (and other things that are just too small!)

We found a pair of tennis shoes that I wore to kindergarten the other day while sorting through boxes of stuff for the garage sale. Back in the day they were one of my absolute favorite things to wear. They are pink and white saddle shoes with a little blue Smurfette on the side. I was styling.

Yet we knew with one look that they wouldn’t work for Sadie… they’re already too small. While her size 9 shoes are looking a little big on her still, her size 8s are already a little too small. We’ll be searching for a shoe that actually fits later this week!

I also ran across a shirt that I got when we visited Hawaii. I was in first grade when I wore it as a normal sized t-shirt. I put it on Sadie last week and while it was a tiny bit longer than her other shirts, it was still well above her knees (actually it probably came down about half way across her diaper).

And I can completely forget putting her in a shirt that says 2T or 3T or 4T if it’s from one of those boxes. I guess sizes must have changed over the past twenty five years… they are just too tiny for our one year old! In today’s sizes she wears a 3T.

I have a feeling she’s going to be taller than me when she grows up… and I’m not too short at 5’5”.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weather Vanes!

Sadie is more than a little obsessed with weather vanes. And it’s all because of her “Big Red Barn” book. One of the pages towards the front of the book says: “and on every barn is a weather vane of course, a golden flying horse.”

We read this book pretty much every night before bedtime when Sadie was tiny and she still looks at it most nights before bath time. She’s taken that particular sentence quite literally. Every barn is supposed to have a weather vane. Every barn.

Sadie has pointed out weather vanes for a long time. There’s a weather vane with an eagle on it at the local grocery store and she points to him every time we go shopping. It’s only recently that she’s starting demanding we notice buildings without weather vanes so we can observe what they don’t have.

Then she started obsessing over her barn puzzle. It has a red barn in the center that is surrounded by animals. And that red barn does not have a weather vane. Last week this caused hysterics. Sadie pointed it out to each of us, with increasing urgency until she was having a full out tantrum every time she saw it. The logical solution was to hide the puzzle, but Sadie would look for it. Finally Nani took a permanent marker and drew on a little stick figure weather vane. Sadie saw it and pointed (and actually seemed a little disappointed that she didn’t have a weather vane-less barn to point to anymore) and the tantrums finally stopped.

Luckily Sadie’s Wonder Pet School House has a big yellow weather vane. The Fischer Price barn she got for her first Christmas, however, doesn’t. This has been the latest drama. Right now there’s a red barn with a pink pig sitting on top of it sitting next to me. Yesterday Sadie has placed “Mater” the tow truck from Cars on the barn for most of the day. These are two of her favorite stand in weather vanes.

A few days ago she started going through her books and pointing out the top of every single building. She’s quite insistent. She’ll keep pointing and squealing until someone says “no weather vane.” And then she’ll get a happy little smile, turn the page and start over, pointing to the next building (or if there’s no building she points to the top of the page) and insisting that someone notice that there’s no weather vane there.

Friday, April 16, 2010

A Cat Scratch

If you ask Sadie where the kitty scratched her she can show you instantly. She flips her little hand over and shows anyone who will look the tiny line that runs across the back of her wrist. It's less than an inch long, but she enjoys pointing it out, as it is one of her bigger "ouchies."

She's lucky that it isn't bigger.

Delilah is the cat version of a saint. Sadie spends all day climbing on her and following her around. I would feel a little more sympathy for Delilah, however, if when Sadie wasn't following her around the house, she would stop following Sadie. The attachment between them definitely seems to be mutual (which is completely beyond me since Sadie doesn't quite have "gentle" down yet, although we talk about it about three dozen times a day). The other cats are much better at staying out of Sadie's reach (mostly). Delilah doesn't even want to.

I rescue Delilah a few dozen times a day. And because I'm not exactly quick these days, I miss a number of cat rescues. And I have thought, every now and then, that Sadie has deserved a scratch or two. For the most part though, Delilah refuses to defend herself from Sadie's "cuddles."

Two days ago, however, I was too slow getting across the room and it resulted (finally) in Sadie's tiny scratch. Sadie was sitting on the couch next to Delilah. She was being very gentle (which is why I'd let my guard down). She'd given Delilah a few hugs, when suddenly, mid hug, she leaned too far forward and fell of the couch. And of course, she brought Delilah with her. Delilah was unharmed and Sadie didn't make a sound. But then she noticed the tiny scratch on her wrist and for the last two days has been showing everyone her ouchie.

They're inseparable again though. I'm just hoping Sadie really gets the hang of the whole "gentle" idea soon!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Timeouts are Fun?!?!

Sadie isn’t phased by timeouts. In fact, she actually seems to think they’re kind of fun. Yesterday, however, was the first day where she did something naughty, moments after I’d told her not to and then turned and gave me her hand and led me over to the corner in the front hall where she has her time outs. She sat down facing out and then scooted around on her bum until she was facing the wall and proceeded to sit still, giggling and playing with her toes.

For some reason sitting still for twenty seconds in the corner just doesn’t seem like it’s a punishment when the little person who is supposed to be learning not to do something spends the entire time giggling. And she can find any reason to giggle during timeout.

Other than the timeout (or maybe including it, since Sadie doesn’t seem to mind them), Sadie had a pretty fun day. She went to Turtle Bay with Nani and Grumpa while I had my one-hour glucose test and then, after she gave Daddy a tour of Turtle Bay and introduced him to the fish and turtles, we headed over to Chuck E. Cheese. Of course, she was so tired from all the playing that she wasn’t the best little shopper in the world afterwards and after only two stores we called it a day.

Maggie’s little legs have gotten quite long and are already fitting up under my ribs. I think she’s going to be tall too, like her daddy!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No Naps! No Naps!

I felt a little bit like I was missing the punch line of a joke last night. But while I may not have understood what was so funny, Sadie definitely got it.

It was nap time and Sadie was putting up quite a struggle to keep from falling asleep. She was very tired and had the little exhausted line that she gets on her lower eyelids when she’s very, very sleepy, but she just didn’t want to close her eyes and was intent on doing everything that she could to stay awake. Her strategy began with pointing to a book on the dresser that she never wants to read during nap time (we read it before bedtime every night) and demanding that I read it before she would go to sleep. Until last week (when she started having a tantrum if I read it before nap time) we read it before nap and bedtime, so I gave in and she giggled while I read.

When I put the book down Sadie was determined to find a way to get me to play so that she wouldn’t have to go to sleep. She finally created her own little game and became quite the little chatter box as she played. It went something like this:

Sadie would lift her hand up and push my head to the right side so that I was looking away from her. In a loud voice she would say “A-ga!” After about two seconds she would push my head back so that I was looking right at he and would say “Ba!” (which happens to be her new favorite word for pretty much everything). Then she would giggle hysterically like she’d just told a hilarious joke. And then she’d start again, pushing my face away and saying “A-ga!”

It actually ended up taking me 40 minutes to get Sadie to go to sleep, by which time I was wondering if yesterday was going to be one of those rare days where she completely refuses to take a nap and instead storms around the house in a grouchy tired funk until bedtime. Thankfully an hour and a half later she was her usual cheerful self, zooming around the downstairs at Nani’s house trying to help with dinner.

In other news I am feeling giant already! I measured my waist last night and it is already 41 inches. I believe I got up to 42 inches with Sadie and I still have thirteen weeks to go. I may be wrong, but I have a feeling that Maggie, who was measuring big at the ultrasound and at the last doctor’s appointment, may be even bigger than Sadie was if we go the entire forty weeks. And that’s just hard to imagine.

I have to say that I never felt nervous holding Sadie because she was such a big baby. When I would see other babies they would look so delicate and tiny, but at 22 inches and 9 lbs 4 oz she was just so big!

I am starting to wonder if this is going to be a ten pounder!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Poor Daddy! He’s so embarrassing! The other day we were all finishing up dinner and Sadie was sitting between us in her new little booster seat (she’s graduated from her high chair!). Daddy was playing with her and was loudly humming the Jaws theme song as he leaned in for a kiss.

Sadie, who still thinks that hand signs are a pretty good replacement for language, put her hand up, swatted Daddy’s shoulder and said “Stop!” in a rather annoyed, but perfectly clear voice. Daddy’s singing had embarrassed her!

Paul was wondering if this was the first time he’d embarrassed her, or if this had only been the first time she’d been able to express it. I voted for the later. You see, I remember the time that she sprinted through the living room and tripped over his feet when he was sitting on the couch. Sadie sailed through the air and was on a collision course with the recliner (head first) when Daddy, thinking fast, reached out and caught her. Sadie glanced over at him as she sat up and said, in her most exasperated voice, “Daddy!”

There’s a new sausage commercial where the Dad (who’s the sun) is singing while he’s making breakfast and his two teenage daughters are incredibly embarrassed. Hmmmmm…. That kind of reminds me of Sadie and Daddy eating dinner together!