Friday, March 26, 2010

The Cupcake Incident

I have neglected this blog! And I've thought of ten funny Sadie stories to write up this week, and now I'm having blogger's block!

Except I can't forget about the cupcake!

Last week we had a little party for Sadie. It was in honor of being a big girl and being weaned. I made tuna sandwiches (Sadie's new favorite food) for lunch and set up her new Beauty and the Beast plastic tea set and then brought out the cupcakes after we'd finished lunch.

Sadie was very excited. She loves cupcakes. However, even though she didn't eat much (she was already full of tuna) she definitely had a stomach ache afterwards.

So the other cupcakes (they were the giant ones from Costco) were hidden away.

Unfortunately, Daddy must have been asleep when we had the "no cupcakes in front of Sadie talk" and he brought out a cupcake after dinner!

Sadie started to scream the second she saw the cupcake. Paul quickly whisked it out of the room and put it in the laundry room to save until Sadie went up for her bath, but Sadie was on a cupcake hunt and she was pretty sure that Daddy was going to eat that cupcake that night. Twice she left the room and went into the living room and then turned suddenly and sprinted back into the kitchen swinging her head back and forth searching for a cupcake eating Daddy.

She didn't catch him, but the next day when we were going out on a walk she looked into the garbage can in the back porch and stopped in her tracks. She reached into it and pulled out a cupcake wrapper and held it up for everyone to see. She repeated this twice more (each time we went out that way) to make sure we'd gotten the point. Daddy had eaten a cupcake!

Now she's really trying to catch him with a cupcake!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Fire Truck

Sadie is having a lot of fun playing on her own. And if she doesn’t want to play with you, she’ll let you know… by giving you a fire truck.

The first time it happened Grumpa was sitting in a chair next to Sadie’s toy cars and Wonder Pet school house and he moved something in the school house. Sadie turned around and looked at him. Then she moved his hand out of the school house. Next she moved back and grabbed the fire truck. Turning she handed it to Grumpa and then gave his hand a little shove to make sure that it wasn’t going to sneak back over to encroach on Wonder Pet territory.

Now handing the fire truck to any of us has become a way of saying “I’m playing on my own and I don’t need help!”

She hands me the fire truck at least once a day, which is kind of funny because usually she want everyone playing Wonder Pets!

Sadie’s also been having a hard time adjusting to the time change. It was still light outside when bedtime came around tonight and Sadie kept getting out of bed and walking over to me and then giggling because she knew she was being silly. So we’re going to try pushing bedtime back from 7:30 to 8pm for a while. Maybe it will mean sleeping in a tiny bit later! That would be nice!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Adventures in Toddlerhood!

Sadie has been enjoying the sunny weather that we’ve been having lately. We’ve been spending a lot of time walking, playing in the garden (although there was a tantrum over who would use what rake the other day… because I wouldn’t let her have the big rake that is rough and full of splinters and kept handing her the little red and blue plastic rake that she usually loves), and playing down on the flood plain near the river.

Now to the unimaginative grown up the flood plain may not seem all that exciting, but to a toddler it’s bursting with possibilities. We’ve built a fort for her “guys” to play in (the Wonder Pets, an assortment of trucks and a new regiment of army guys from the dollar section at Target) and today we took Daddy down to show him all the work that we’d done. There are also several large puddles that Sadie tries to sneak over to stomp in, not quite realizing that they’d probably be past her knees!

The other development is that Sadie has decided that outside would be a pretty nice place to take a nap. So she’s been testing out different spots. We’ll be walking along on the dirt road and she’ll just drop down suddenly and make her hands into a little cushion and pretend that she’s going to sleep. While the ground is nearly dry, we have gotten a lot of rain lately, and so her little face is in need of a good wash most of the time (no matter how often I wash it!).

All this running around means that she’s very tired by nap time! We’re almost an hour and a half into a great nap right now! Finally, she’s become a champion napper!