Saturday, February 27, 2010

In the Garden?!?!

The baby monster is watching Side the Science Kid. She spent the day yesterday trying to convince Grumpa that she had hidden the remote control down in the garden. She almost got him to believe it (he would have if he hadn’t known that she’d been inside all day long and hadn’t had a chance to take it outside).

It all started when the remote disappeared and Grumpa asked Sadie where it was. She ran straight to the side door and pointed out at the garden. When he asked her again five minutes later she did the same thing. Every time she was asked in the living room she’d run to the door with a huge smile and point out.

The remote control was later found underneath her toy lion.

Sadie is remaining silent on how the remote got under her toy lion, but would likely blame one of the cats if she were talking.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tractor Days...

Sadie has become a champion napper! She went to sleep yesterday for Nani and when we went up for naptime today it only took five minutes before she was out cold!

She had a very exciting morning today. A government agency is doing some environmental restoration to the river that we live on. So BLM has been out here a lot checking things out (they had an archeologist come out and make sure there were no artifacts, although there was some joking around that he wasn’t looking very hard) and today they brought out an excavator and a backhoe and dug some giant 18 ft deep holes. Then they put pipes in and covered the holes back up. For the next two years they’ll be monitoring the holes and the water level to see how low the water table is. These things definitely don’t move very quickly.

We had been waiting for the tractors all week. The BLM guy would come out each night and say that they would be there the next day and then the next night would come back and say that things had gone slowly and that they would probably be there tomorrow. Sadie was getting a little impatient! Two mornings ago she woke up at 6am and was ready to go out and look for tractors.

They finally arrived today! This week has been gorgeous. It was blue sky and short sleeve weather. When we peeked out heads outside to see the tractors it started to pour. But we certainly weren’t going to let something like a little rain stop us , so armed with umbrella’s and Sadie’s super stroller we headed out and spent a good hour watching the excavator and the backhoe work. And of course there were some tears when we headed back in!

And here’s a picture of Sadie’s new tractor ride. Grumpa created it for her and it was a huge hit. She thinks she needs at least one tractor ride a day. When it gets a little warmer it just might happen!

Monday, February 22, 2010

More on the Big Girl Bed

Sadie woke up after only forty minutes of napping. Since she’d gone to sleep at 1:30 (she’s starting pushing her nap back two hours, but it means she sleeps for longer) I knew she would be cranky if she didn’t get back to sleep, and after several unsuccessful tries I brought her up into the big bed and laid down next to her. She was instantly out.

An hour and a half later (our nap turned into a Super Nap) she was wide awake. She sat up, hugged a stuffed animal and looked around the room with a slightly confused look on her face as if she were trying to figure out how she got there. So I decided to ask her a question.

“Sadie, where is your Big Girl Bed.”

She gets a little smile and then points at the bed we’re sitting on.

“But where’s Mommy’s bed.”

The little smile gets bigger and more mischievous and she pauses before pointing to the same spot.

“But where is the Big Girl Bed Sadie sleeps in at night.”

Points again to bed she’s in.

After about five rounds of this I leaned back and pointed to her bed and said, “but what about that bed.”

Sadie’s smile got even bigger, she did this little fake “surprised” look and then started pointed to the “Big Girl Bed.”

I was pretty funny though seeing her try to convince me that she was in “her” bed and that she didn’t know what I was talking about!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Little Ponies!

Nani gave Sadie a My Little Pony tonight (Sadie got a little spoiled on our trip into the City yesterday) and Sadie spent most of the time during our bedtime routine brushing her pony’s pink hair with the little pink comb. Towards the end of the bedtime routine she handed me the pony and the brush and pointed to the pony.

As I started to brush the pony’s hair I hummed the My Little Pony theme song and Sadie went crazy. She started dancing and bouncing up and down with a huge smile on her face. When the song ended she took the pony, handed it to me again with the brush again and gave me an expectant look. When the humming started the dancing started. She was having a blast.

She also sings every single time she gets into Grumpa’s truck. She likes to stand on the back seat before she gets into her high chair and then she pretends to sing the Little Mermaid Song (the one without words, from the part when the sea witch steals her voice).

And we watched a few minutes of Snow White this morning and a lot of singing along accompanied that experience.

With all this singing and dancing I’m starting to feel like I live in a musical!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sadie's First Barbie!

Sadie slept through the night last night and so, today, when we went into town, she got a Big Girl Reward. Her very first Barbie. It’s actually the ballerina Princess Ariel doll. When I handed it to her in the store she gazed lovingly at Ariel and then proceeded to kiss the plastic repeatedly as she was pushed around Target.

Then a near disaster occurred. We got out to the parking lot and Nani tried to open the Ariel doll’s box. Unfortunately the people who designed the packaging had apparently anticipated that the box needed to withstand a full-scale attack and had designed a complex system of anti-doll-removal traps that were nearly impossible to get past. Sadie was nearly having a meltdown by the time I dug through my diaper bag, found a pair of nail clippers and used the nail clippers to completely destroy the box (and finally freed the doll).

Half an hour later Ariel found herself dancing around in the rice on Sadie’s plate at lunch. And on the way home from our big day of shopping I glanced back and found Sadie completely asleep, with Ariel cradled in her arms. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Nap Time and Weaning

Nap time has become something of a struggle.

We’ve entered into Phase 3 of weaning. Phase 1 was night weaning. Phase 2 involved cutting out Sadie’s morning feeding. And now, Phase 3 means no more nursing before naptime. There was a one-month gap between each of the “Phases” and so far it’s worked out pretty well for us. At least it has from my point of view.

Phase 4 is set to launch towards the end of March and will complete the whole weaning process. It will mean no more night time feeding. I have a feeling that it might be the most disastrous of the phases. We can distract Sadie pretty well during the day… but she still pretty attached to nursing, particularly her bedtime feeding. She gets teary if it’s late…

But for now I’m focusing on Phase 3. Sadie doesn’t really see why she should take a nap if she isn’t going to have a naptime feeding. Nap time yesterday went something like this:

We told Sadie it was nap time and she hoped into her big girl bed. Then she sat up and giggled. We had been riding around in the tractor an hour earlier and she sat up, pointed to the side of the house that the tractor was parked on and said :

“Ga… ga… gump… pa… gump… gum…pa…. gumpa… ga….. gumpa….. gumpa…..”

She went on that way for at least fifteen minutes repeating “Grumpa” over and over again. I finally, hopeful still, started to read Goodnight Moon. She lay back on her pillow until we got to the picture of the three little bears sitting on chairs and then she jumped up enthusiasticially and grabbed her two bears, Chris and Oatmeal. Next I got a lesson on how her bears were like the bears in the pictures. They both had the same ears and noses. Sleep was a little bit further away after that.

I decided to give it the Super Nanny try and sit in the chair and let her figure out sleeping on her own. She grabbed the curtains. I said no. She cried. She laid down. She sat up. She giggled. She leaned off the bed and snagged every toy she could reach and pulled them onto the bed. She played. She threw them off the bed and started to cry. She laid back down.

After nearly an hour of this she got off the bed and ran crying over to me. Since we are still weaning I had offered to rock her in the rocking chair earlier (she had refused and gotten into bed). Now the rocking chair idea didn’t seem quite so bad. She curled up on my lap and I rocked. Two minutes later she was snoring and I gently put her back in the big girl bed.

I hope this gets easier soon!

Update: Today’s nap went much better! I gave Sadie a choice: I told her that she could be rocked to sleep in the rocker and then put in her bed, or she could go straight into her big girl bed and fall asleep. She opted for the rocker, changed her mind, tried out the big girl bed and then finally got up and sprinted back to me (I was still in the rocker knitting). So I rocked her to sleep and she is now soundly asleep. And it’s been 70 minutes, so it’s a good nap! Yay!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Dancing Bunny!

Sadie loves to pretend that she’s a tree. She thinks that the kitchen is the best place in the entire house to dance and goes in there, waving her hands in the air and pretending to be a tree like the ones outside that are “blowing in the wind.” She spins and dances and leans from side to side. It’s pretty cute (in my biased opinion anyway) to watch.

Sadie’s other favorite dance involves making “vrooming” sounds and pretending that she’s driving a tractor. Anything can be a dance these days.

She also pretends she’s a bird, a butterfly and a pony (the pony dance is one of my favorites because Sadie tries to do a little prancing step and gets so into it she almost falls over).

And where is the best possible place to dance?

In the kitchen of course!

We think that it’s because Sadie loves to hear the sound of her feet tapping as she zooms around the floor. Sometimes she even brings her penguin Mike along (a member of the penguin bowling pin set who someone forgot to sew flippers on) and they dance together in the kitchen. What fun!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

School Days

Sadie is really enjoying being a “big girl” these days. She likes sitting in a big girl chair and coloring in her Sesame Street coloring book (she gets antsy pretty quickly these days when she’s in her high chair). She likes going on big girl walks (without the monkey leash) and she thinks that holding hands or being pushed in a stroller isn’t nearly as fun as it used to be. And she loves “school.”

We started playing “school” a few months ago after breakfast and now Sadie’s hooked. If you ask her if she’s ready for school, she’ll run over and wait in front of the cupboard where we keep the puzzles, making little whimpering sounds if Mommy doesn’t move quickly enough to get the puzzles out. Her two favorite puzzles are one with shapes and one with (you guessed it) rescue vehicles.

Then we’re on to nursery rhymes. Sadie is obsessed with the three blind mice. She’s also a fan of any nursery rhyme that includes the moon or stars. Or lambs. Or kittens.

After nursery rhymes we’re on to tractors. Sadie has two favorite tractor books and a new Cars sticker book from Costco that she can spend the better part of an hour examining.

There’s a good chance that once she’s done with her books she’ll grab my hand and lead me into the dining room so that I can get out the play dough or the coloring book and sit at the high chair and go to work (we make a lot of play dough pizzas these days).

Then it’s time for our nature walk (Sadie showed Daddy by pointing yesterday the difference between a baby madrone tree, a baby pine tree and a baby fir tree (her favorite is a giant maple tree covered in grape vines).

And that’s Sadie’s “School Day” in a nutshell!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Everything in it's Proper Place (and Time)!

Sadie is very "into" order these days. In fact some might say she goes a little overboard (from what I've read I think it's a toddler thing). Any detour from our regular routine can cause one of two reactions: a) excited giggling or b) hysterical crying.

Last week Nani and Grumpa bought a new rug for the dining room. We began with reaction a) but then quickly transitioned into reaction b) and spent the rest of the night letting everyone know that she didn't think the change was a good idea. The next morning she had another change of heart and took her tractors and trucks over to play on the "flowers" on the rug (I also found her crawling from flower to flower kissing them).
Then there was the hiccup in our bedtime routine. Daddy usually comes in and says our nighttime prayers with us before bedtime. However when Daddy went down to school Nani came in to tell us goodnight. Since it wasn't quite bedtime yet Nani and Mommy started to talk about Sadie's Day and that was most definitely not part of the bedtime routine.

Sadie had already started her nighttime feeding and we were sitting in the rocker, but as Mommy and Nani talked Sadie held up her little hand like she was signaling for us to "stop." When Nani said, "do you think she's trying to get us to stop talking?" Sadie started to wave bye-bye. And then, as we tried not to laugh she started putting her hand up to the side of her mouth and "blowing kisses" to Nani to say goodnight. We finally decided that it was time to get back on schedule (before Sadie's good natured attempts to communicate ended in tears) and Nani said goodnight.

And now it's time for bed! I almost stayed up until 9:30! That's a new second pregnancy record for me!

Monday, February 8, 2010

This Little Prayer of Mine: A New Family Favorite

A new book has become an important part of our bedtime routine. Anthony DeStefano’s, “This Little Prayer of Mine” is rapidly becoming a family favorite.

It begins:
I know you're up in heaven, God,
and can hear my voice from there.
I'm just a little child.
Will you answer my short prayer?

When I was pregnant with Sadie I realized how difficult it could be to find good books for small children that can help their faith grow and flourish. Once Sadie was born she turned her nose up at most of the books I’d found, accepting only a select few that quickly became part of the routine. It’s been something of a challenge to find books that she accepts as part of that routine.

When I began reading This Little Prayer of Mine (while Sadie ran laps around the downstairs, after all, it was the middle of the day…) I instantly fell in love with the lyrical verses and the beautiful pictures that seemed to be a perfect fit for any family who is beginning to teach a young (or not so young) child about prayer. The book quickly went from hand to hand as each person in my family (Nani and Daddy and finally Grumpa) admired it.

The test however, would be Sadie. What would the nineteen month old think?

I was a little nervous about the bedtime introduction. Sadie is very focused on her schedule at bedtime, but since bedtime is followed by family prayer time, I thought it would be the perfect time to try out reading it.

The reading was a success. Sadie now sits on Daddy’s lap each night as I read to her, her eyes focused on the pages as the prayer unfolds. It’s a wonderful addition to our nightly prayers and I have a feeling that it’s going to be for years to come.

And that is the highest recommendation I can give a book: It is both Sadie and Mommy approved!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Puddle Stomping Gone Wrong!

Sadie had huge puddle stomping ambitions yesterday. We've had a lot of rain lately and a lot of puddles. On the flood plain down below our house there are puddles that are over ten feet across and at least six inches deep (with thick sticky mud at the bottom). Sadie knows she's not allowed to go in the big puddle, but yesterday she raced past me, slipped and slid on her bum through one of the medium/small puddles (it was deep enough to completely soak her up to her waist!). The long walk back up to the house to change that followed was not quite as pleasant as she expected (she took teeny tiny steps until she was picked up). However she was feeling well enough to stop in the driveway and have a bit of fun with the last puddle. My camera was having a little trouble focusing yesterday (maybe because of the rain? Even with the flash up most of the pictures were blurry) but here's what we came up with:

Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp!

Plotting her next move...

Why do you take so many pictures, Mommy?

A little bit damp and muddy! It's time to go inside and use a lot of stain spray!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Maggie Rose!

It's a....

Sadie's has an announcement to make...

It's a Girl!

We definitely see a lot of tea parties and princess dolls in Daddy's future! And Mommy's excited that the mountains of pink clothes that we have will get more use!

The little one, Margaret Rosella or Maggie Rose for short, is already measuring at 19 weeks and 4 days in most of the measurement (and I'm not even 18 weeks yet!) so we've started to wonder if this is going to be another Super-Sized baby!

While we were at the ultrasound yesterday Sadie spent the day at the local park/aquarium and after only a handful of trips this spring she already knows her way around and takes off at a sprint to get to her favorite exhibits.

A school group was there yesterday also and the five year old boys were all pretty grossed out by the giant sturgeon in the fish tank. Sadie, however, went around while they were talking about how gross the fish were, and gave the fish kisses through the glass (they would come right up to her and she looks tiny next to them!).

And then we found some matching sister dresses in the right size on sale at Costco! I love Costco!

Monday, February 1, 2010


This is what Sadie usually looks like:

But not today.

Today we are all frowns and fusses. Either we have a cold/fever or we are teething.

I personally, think it's the teeth. And I bought teething drops, which I'll be trying out as soon as Sadie wakes up from her nap (which may be sooner rather than later since the phone just rang!). Hopefully they work (and we are now awake and fussing!). And maybe they will help Sadie sleep long enough for me to write a blog post tonight!