Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Best Seat in the House

Here is a picture of Sadie, in her tractor pajamas, sitting in the refrigerator. She's pretty thrilled with the situation. The tractor pajamas (which are tied with the rocket ship/moon pajamas, and rank only a bit bellow her Wonder Pet PJs that have a beautiful red cape) are some of her favorites. She picked them out (if you let Sadie decide between tractor pajamas and princess ballerina pajamas the tractor pajamas will win EVERY time) and she loves them.

Last night she did spot her Wonder Pet pajamas though, and I think we may have a struggle convincing her that it's time to get dressed. Actually, I'm expecting a full out tantrum. She spent the morning running around the house showing everyone that Linny, Tuck and Ming Ming are on her shirt. Yes, I'm definitely not looking forward to changing her into her day time clothes (during the storm when we stayed inside all day she got to spend two whole days in PJs, one in tractors and one in spaceships and she loved it!). But she has to! We're headed to Redding for Doctor's Appointment #3 today. I can hardly wait!

Monday, January 25, 2010

One Year Old and Chocolate Ice Cream

If you ask Sadie how old she is this is the response you get!

Of course if you ask her how old she is in public, all bets are off.

We've had a long week! With all the rain we haven't been able to spend very much time outside walking (when there are breaks in the rain we go out, and have found that Sadie will puddle stomp with, or without her boots on) and Sadie is going a little stir crazy.

Last night I realized that there is a drastic difference between giving Sadie a few bites of ice cream and giving Sadie a few bites of ice cream with chocolate in it. When Sadie has ice cream we usually don't see any noticeable difference in how she acts. After sharing Mommy and Daddy's mint cookie ice cream after dinner (and they were tiny bowls she was sharing out of) she went wild. She spent an hour running, non stop, back and forth across the living room and Nani and Grumpa's squealing! When she was put into bed half an hour later than usual (and she usually crashes if she gets put in bed after 7:30) she sat back up and grinned...

And that was when I knew we were in for a long night...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Good Night!

Yay! We had a successful night last night! Sadie got into her Big Girl Bed at 7:30 and woke up at 6:15. I did get up and rub her back for about a minute when she started to fuss at 12:05, but that was it. This is definitely the most consistent sleep we've both gotten in a while.

I am currently a little annoyed with Huggies diapers. You see, Huggies Night Time diapers only go up to size five and then they switch over to Pull-Ups. Now there is now way that Sadie is going to fit into a size five ever again. Our greatest challenge at this point is... dryness. And after seeing how useless the swim diapers are (and to my eye they look a lot like pullups) I'm don't think that pullups would be great for a baby that isn't using the potty at all yet!

And while Sadie's a big toddler, it's not as if she's so far above the average that Huggies doesn't need to make a size that fits! I haven't even checked out Pampers, because they just don't work on Sadie. I think Huggies are usually better on tall skinny babies and Pampers are designed for a shorter body (we actually usually use the CVS diapers, but they don't make nighttime ones either! At least not that are carried at our store).

Right now Sadie is preparing for her morning hour of television. She can hear the music for KIXE,the local PBS station, from her highchair in the kitchen and she will scream at the top of her lungs to get down and run into the other room so that she can be there when Curious George comes on. Then she'll grab her two monkey dolls and they'll all watch George's adventures together. After that it's Sid the Science Kid (we love to dance to the songs) and Sadie thinks it's hilarious for Mommy to substitute "Sadie" for "Sid" in the songs and then the TV goes off.

Hopefully today we'll get a break in the storms that have been battering us. We just need a good solid hour to go out, puddle stomp, swing on the gate at the top of Nini and Gigi's property, check the water tanks (Sadie LOVES checking the water tank with Nani to see how full it is) possibly because it's right next to the old green gate, and going on a long walk to get our wiggles out. Long walks are usually even longer when puddle stomping is involved.

Now I need to go find the camera cord so I can upload the new pictures that Paul took of Sadie yesterday!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Where is Grumpa? I just can’t find him!

Oh! There he is! Under the giant pile of toys that Sadie is carefully arranging on his chair.

Sadie’s favorite game of the day involved getting her Wonder Pets School House and sitting it on Grumpa’s lap. Now lately her favorite game has been filling the School House with a line of trucks. Today the game changed. I would sing the Wonder Pets theme song…

“Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets we’re on our way, to help a little ____________ and save the day. We’re not too big and we’re not too tough but when we work together we’ve got the right stuff. Go Wonder Pets!”

I would fill in the blank with whatever toy my eyes happened upon. Sadie would race across the room, grab the toy I’d named and run back to place it on Grumpa’s lap. Things were already getting pretty crowded when I added “Robby” Sadie’s bouncy horse to the song and she tried to shove him on Grumpa’s already crowded lap. She finally enlisted Nani’s help (she wasn’t about to give up) and Grumpa disappeared entirely beneath the stuffies. We took a few pictures and I’ll try to remember to upload one tomorrow.

Sadie’s also taken to given a bottle to her “Beast” Doll (from Beauty and the Beast). She doesn’t like him sitting anywhere near her princess dolls, and she refuses to burp him (which is pretty notable because she burps pretty much everything these days) but she will pick him up and shove a bottle in his mouth. It’s kind of funny to watch!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sadie's Giant Lime Green Monkey

Sadie is asleep in her big girl bed, but with her molars coming in (and really bothering her) all bets are off as to whether or not she'll stay there very long. Last night she made it all the way to 4:10 am but the night before she only slept until 12:30am. I'm hoping for an all night sleep tonight.

Even more impressive I am awake and it's after 9 pm (although that won't last too much longer, especially after being sick for most of today... I am very unhappy with Tylenol.).

We went into town today and since we had a gift card we each picked something out. Sadie's choice was a large lime green monkey. Daddy defended Sadie's choice and I was not able to convince her to switch it for a very cute bear in a pink dress. The lime green monkey (who is as of yet unnamed) appears to be going everywhere with us (Sadie showers him with kisses on an hourly basis). He's even moved up into the big girl bed, although he's on the far edge so I'm pretty sure he'll fall out fairly soon (Sadie is a pretty rowdy sleeper).

Sadie is also becoming something of a cookie monster. She somehow figured out what the cookie jar in Nani's kitchen is, and started screaming and pointing at it. We've had to make a one cookie a day rule to prevent her from running into the kitchen and begging for a cookie every three minutes. She would live on cookies and cheese and milk if we let her.

Now it's time for bed. Hopefully my new found energy and bedtime will mean that I can post more regularly again.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Big Girl Bed

Sadie is still in love with her Big Girl Bed and I after my initial elation with this development, I’ve begun to discover that it’s a somewhat mixed blessing. Our sleep progress has been going well… for the most part (actually it’s gone way, way better than I had any right to even imagine that it would go, so my complaining is actually a sign of us getting used to this wonderful change). The problem only sprouts up every few days.

Sadie suggests going to bed several times a day. She thinks it’s the most wonderful place in the house. And she likes to pretend to sleep in the bed. She brings her stuffed animals out and she lines them up and hugs them and she even lays down and pulls the covers up to her chin. Usually around this time the giggling starts. And the squealing. This is all fine and good during play-time in the play room.

However today when we came up for nap-time we found where there can be a problem with the too much fun Big Girl Bed. Sadie nursed and then sat up and pointed to her bed. We walked over and she got in. I was practically holding my breath. Every time she gets in and things go smoothly I think, “can it really be that easy” (and it is 75% of the time). Only this time after about a minute of “sleeping” she giggled. The giggle is never a good nap time/bed time sign. Then she sat up. Then Oatmeal Bear and Chris Bear kissed. Things went down hill from there as the Stuffies began to run amok. Nap-time was postponed indefinitely.

Bed time was not much better. I finally resorted to saying “no” firmly when she started going for a cable outlet that she has never noticed before (the thing doesn’t even work). This resulted in a few dramatic seconds of sad sounds before she collapsed back on the bed (finally laying down! Yay!) and went to sleep.

I am glad that she loves it so much though! The alternative would be much, much worse. I half expected a war over where she would sleep when we bought it, so things couldn’t have gone much better!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Night One: The Big Girl Bed

The new Big Girl Bed was set up yesterday and Sadie thought that it was the greatest thing that she'd ever seen. It's just a plain white toddler bed that we bought with Sadie's Target gift certificates and she ran right over when she saw it and alternated between playing on it and laying down and pretending that she was going to go to sleep in it.

Before bath time Nani asked Sadie where she was going to sleep and she pointed to her Big Girl Bed. When Nani asked where Mommy was going to sleep she turned around and looked at the big bed. I took that as a good sign.

At 7:40 we into the room and Sadie got into bed. She doesn't like to have any covers on until later in the night, but she did snuggle up to the little pillow that she has. After half an hour of laying with her eyes half closed (clinging to Mommy's arm just in case Mommy got any ideas about getting up and walking away) she sprang into action. She sat up and jumped off the bed. Then she ran across the room and started pointing to the dresser that houses her collection of porcelain dolls. Now Sadie knows that these dolls are not for playing. She likes to touch one of the dolls dresses before she goes to bed each night but that's pretty much it. So when she stood under the dresser pointing up and burst into hysterics I was a little surprised.

When I tried to pick her up she avoided me (the same way she does when she thinks its time for a diaper change). And finally she sat on my lap while I rocked her to sleep (things didn't go exactly according to plan). Then I gently set her back in her bed and said a little prayer that this would be one of the nights that she slept through (it's really 50/50 these days).

Sadie may have been asleep, but Mommy was wide awake. I would wake up, for no reason whatsoever, every 15 minutes, from 8:30 to 1 am. At 1 am I finally had a reason to wake up. There was a small bunny whimpering sound coming from the Big Girl Bed. So I went over and turned on the Oatmeal Bear (which makes "womb" sounds) and pulled the covers up a bit. Then I resisted the urge to move her into the big bed, and went back to bed. The covers were quickly kicked off and the whimpering started again. And then the acrobatics. By the time I went and retrieved Sadie she had wormed her way to the bottom of the bed and was half on the bed and half over the edge. I put her in the big bed and fell asleep (and actually slept for three and a half hours before waking up again!).

When Sadie woke up in the morning I put her back in her big bed where she lay happily for a while and then we went downstairs. I think tonight (if things go well) I'll wake myself up enough to keep covering her up and turning Oatmeal bear on and hopefully she'll make it through the whole night in her own bed. I think she probably would have if I hadn't been so sleep deprived and had tried a bit harder to get her to go back to sleep!

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Bread Shredder

Since Paul is back on nights we didn't put the toddler bed together yesterday. I'm hoping we get it figured out today (and I'm hoping even more desperately that Sadie loves the idea and can't wait to fall asleep in it). She has been sleeping through the night about half the time lately, so I just need to convince her to fall asleep in it. For some reason I have a feeling that might be easier said than done. We'll see though. I never thought that she would night wean so easily either!

We walked just under two miles yesterday. A mile and a half of that was with Sadie in the stroller on the "deer path" that she now thinks is the only trail worth walking on. I'm hoping that if we walk on it every day it will begin to widen, but for now Sadie thinks that it is hysterical to have tall weeds smacking against the side of the stroller while she tries to grab them and tear them off.

Her newest discovery however took place last night at dinner when she began to shred a piece of garlic bread and place it in a perfect straight little line. The line stretched all the way across the width of her end of the table before she became obsessed with seeing how small a piece she could tear off and then became intent on tearing the barely visible piece in two. For someone so small the fifteen minutes of concentration she spent on this task was rather impressive. The tiniest piece was barely big enough to see.

And I really need to get the camera out and take some pictures! We haven't been snapping many pictures lately!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy! Again!

We've had even more busy days. Sadie has been a brave little trooper. We had the dentist appointment yesterday (which revealed a flossing injury... I am apparently a wimp... who knew floss could hurt that much?) and an OB appointment today, which meant we spent a little over 6 hours in the car altogether. Sadie is going to enjoy some well earned play time tomorrow when she wakes up.

She did get to spend a couple of hours checking out the "Poo" exhibit at the museum and aquarium in town. We'd been their once before and Sadie loves to race around and press all the buttons. There's a scale she can stand on that tells her it would take 1.5 hours for an elephant to digest her weight in grass (Mommy took 7 hours and Daddy took 12.5 hours) and there was a rather graphic movie of a hippo pooing (the kids all seem to love that one! The grown ups on the other hand were all pretty grossed out).

Sadie's ability to devour huge amounts of milk continues to expand. She's up to four glasses a day and she actually goes to the refrigerator and begs for milk every few hours. She even almost completely emptied the large children's glass (it was about the size of an adult water glass at most places) at the restaurant in less than two minutes (she's learned to save a little so she can sit and try to blow bubbles in her cup with the straw).

Tomorrow we're going to set up her toddler bed. When she'll actually begin to sleep in it will be another question altogether. Hopefully it'll be before #2 arrives!

Oh and we get to do the sonogram somewhere between weeks 16-18. That's not too far away. I have to say that I was surprised today (at 13 weeks) when a sales lady asked me if we know yet if we're having a boy or a girl. Assuming someone still in the first trimester (if barely) is pregnant (and doesn't just have a bit of a belly... especially when they're lugging around a toddler) is a bit of a risk! I would have probably elbowed Paul if he'd asked someone that!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Poor little bunny! She could hardly believe how horrible Mommy was being this morning. Sadie wanted toast. Mommy happened to be making toast (it's funny how these two things often happen at the same time!) but then Mommy made Sadie wait until the toast was toasted and the margarine and jam was on it, before Sadie got to have a bite (I should note that she did have the first bite followed by quite a few others). There were tears running down her little cheeks by the time the jam finally touched her tongue (I should also note that Kix was offered while the toast was being made, but they were firmly rejected for... not being toast!).

The other major tragedy in Sadie's life at the moment involves the walks that she goes on with Mommy. When we go on walks there are two main paths outside the house that we can take. One is a big loop that can take us down to the river. The second is a tiny deer path that gets very steep at times, that is about a half mile around that takes us across a flood plain (which is now partially flooded) by a bunch of berry bushes and down one very slick, muddy portion that is at a extreme angle (towards the flood plain). You can guess which path appeals to Sadie.

Sadie cried hysterically when she realized that we were going to take the regular path and not the deer path. The deer path goes past a giant old maple tree covered in grape vines, which Sadie absolutely loves... and not going on the deer path means that she has to observe the tree from afar! She finally calmed down when she got to her favorite little pine tree and stood for a few minutes playing with it's branches! Oh the drama of our nature walks! It's almost as bad as having a mom who is slow making toast in the morning!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sadie Update!

We have had a busy couple of days. On New Years Eve we went to Redding and Sadie got to play with lots of friends at Turtle Bay! She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw all of the kids that were meeting us there! Then we had to run over to my OBs office for a quick checkup. Since Paul had worked all night, he had stayed home to get a little bit of sleep before his next shift, but I did get to hear a heartbeat (it was a nerve wracking minute when it took the nurse in the office a while to find it!). When she found it though it was loud and 156 beats a minute!

Sadie is now hugging and kissing my stomach any time we ask her where the new baby is. She also likes to lay down on the ground and rest her head against my stomach if I'm sitting down when the question is asked. And she is totally fascinated with any baby that we see when we're out and about.

She has two books about new babies too and she loves to read them. She can tell you that the little girl is Sadie, although when I point to the Mommy and say "Mommy" she looks a bit confused and carefully examines the Mommy's curly hair. Apparently all Mommy's are supposed to have their hair pulled back in a bun to meet the description.

Now I need to take some new Sadie pictures today. She was wearing a cute puffy dress yesterday, but she was so slippery in the shiny material that I finally gave up altogether on the idea of pictures and changed her as soon as we got home.

And she's still growing! We moved up to six 6 diapers yesterday! I didn't see any diapers bigger than size 6's in the aisle. They must exist?