Monday, November 30, 2009

Stacking Cups and Other Super Fun Games

I've been so exhausted lately that I've been having a tough time staying awake to post on this blog! It's something that I usually do right after Sadie's fallen asleep, right before my bedtime. Lately though, with the first trimester sleepiness, I've found my bedtime slowly creeping earlier and earlier. There is no way I'm going to make it through a television show that starts at 9pm and apparently 8pm is a little too late to start working on my blog without falling asleep on the keyboard. So today I'm starting a little bit earlier.

Sadie discovered the joys of "stacking" yesterday. We don't have any blocks, because every single set of blocks that I found in the stores say that they are for "3 and older" and Sadie thinks that her stacking rings make better bracelets than stackers. Last night though, she pulled out all of the toy measuring cups that came with her kitchen set and started stacking them. She added one of the teacups from her teacup set and thought that it was hilarious.

Grumpa added to the fun by bringing over three plastic milk glasses and the fun multiplied. Sadie was building towers. She would then carefully take each tower apart and try a different combination of cups to see which was the best. She'd frown when the cups fit together too well, because then the towers tended to be shorter and she was thrilled by the yellow cups that don't fit together as well, because they each add a good five inches to a tower.

She also loves to stand her Wonder Pet figurines in the cups and can spend a ridiculous amount of time holding perfectly still moving the Wonder Pets from cup to cup! I don't understand the rules of this particular game, but Sadie seems to think that it's a LOT of fun!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Looooooooooooooong Day!

I am not sure how one little, tiny person can go for so long without sleep! We tried out best to do everything right today. We went to a Christmas show (lots of dancing and singing) and the show started at 3pm. Sadie's usual nap time is between 12:30 and 1:30 these days, so we figured she could sleep on the drive in to town. At first it seemed like it might work out perfectly. I fed her lunch and changed her into her beautiful red velvet dress and then nursed her until she was asleep. And then I made the transfer to the car seat.... except that her nap didn't make the transfer. By the time we pulled out of the drive way she was wide away and pointing out every thing that we drove past with a loud "ah" sound (which is the sound she makes when she wants us to look at something she thinks is interesting).

Then she stayed awake.... all the way to the show... which was an hour and a half drive.

The show was in an old theater with beautifully ornate gold and bronze walls. There were lots of kids dressed up in their Christmas best and the theater was filled with chatter. Sadie was reenergized. She sat on my lap (and squirmed, but otherwise did pretty well... she didn't cry at all!) for the entire two hour show (I explained to her before hand that it was going to be like going to Mass, because she knows she's supposed to be quite during Mass). She saw giant dancing penguins, a belly dancing hippo, a line of reindeer, Santa and Mrs. Claus, a ballerina elephant and quite a few other dancers (the show was a mix of costumed dancers that the kids loved and more traditional dance scenes). Sadie would get so excited during the animal numbers that she'd almost start to cry, so I actually liked the traditional numbers a bit more, although the animal costumes were awfully cute.

With less than five minutes left in the show Sadie fell asleep. Disaster!

I waited until the theater had emptied and very carefully carried her down the stairs. After all, we couldn't stay there and we were headed to Grumpa's birthday dinner. It was 5pm and Sadie had not yet had a nap.

The moment I put her into her car seat she was wide awake. She giggled through dinner and then played happily through a quick trip to Target to pick up a few things since we hardly go to town at all these days (I was getting nervous because the happiness had a sort of hysterical edge to it and I sensed she was close to snapping). And snap she did! When we got back in the car she was quiet for a few minutes and then began to cry. Then the screaming started. I tried singing, and I tried reciting one of her favorite books (The Big Red Barn). Nothing worked. I finally started to sing a little song I used to sing to her when she was tiny. She quieted down. Fifty repetitions of the song (it is short, but still, we'd nearly driven through a county!) later she finally put her head to the side and fell asleep. It was 7:30 pm. What a day!

Friday, November 27, 2009

You Want Me to Sit on Who's Lap?!?!

Poor Sadie! She's been looking forward to seeing Santa since last year. Last year she sat on his lap and smiled for the camera and glowed at everyone! We put the picture of her on his lap on the fridge and she looks at it every day. We had hoped that that might make it a little less scary this year....

Let's just say that it didn't work out exactly as we'd planned. And pictures probably tell the story a little bit better than my words!

She started out happy...

Then started to look a little nervous...

But she was really okay until they got near Santa...

And then the hysterics started...

No picture on Santa's Lap this year...

One Terrified (and Very Silly) Little Bunny...

But at least she got a candy cane!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sadie's Second Football Game

Sadie got to go to her second high school football game tonight and she made it all the way through halftime before we went home. She would have made it longer, but between the morning sickness and the cold I wasn't feeling great and we decided to call it a night. Sadie may have been a little disappointed! She was excited to drive home with the moon roof open on the car though so that she could see the moon. It's been so foggy around here at nights that the moon has rings around it and while Sadie's already pretty obsessed with the moon as it is, the rings make it even better.

Sadie had an appointment down at the Health Department today, where we got our H1N1 vaccines and they weighed her and checked her height again. She's still 30 lbs (the same weight she was at her 1 year appointment but now she's 31.6 inches (we think she is at least, she could be taller, because she was not thrilled about the measurements and fought tooth and nail to get off the measuring machine). The people at the Health Department are so nice and I'm definitely going to think about taking Sadie and the baby there for future vaccines (which would save a ton too). Now it's time to get a little sleep before the baby bunny wakes up again!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Silly Daddy and a Fun Walk

Sadie thinks that Daddy is pretty hilarious. He does an amazing impression of cookie monster (and we don't watch Sesame Street but we have some Sesame Street books and Paul was doing the voices and Sadie was practically falling over from laughing so hard). Even better he was wearing a fire shirt today (from one of the summer forest fires that pop up near our house on a nearly yearly basis) and Sadie loves to look at the tractors and fire trucks that are on the back of the shirt. Which is what I think she was doing when she started hiding from Paul, behind his back. She would giggle for a second and then run around on his left side and squeal and put her face right next to his to make sure he'd seen her and then she'd sprint back around his back and dive across in front of the other side, landing in a pile between his leg and my leg since I was sitting right next to them. She did this about twenty times, laughing uncontrollably the entire time. I think she's definitely feeling better today! I'm also hopeful that she might sleep fairly well (only 3 night wakings?) tonight.

Sadie also walked an entire mile today outside! Our walks take a bit of extra time, because while Sadie practically runs when she's moving, she also has to stop and pick up every pretty rock and leaf that she spots. And right now there are a lot of pretty leafs on the ground. There is one particularly rocky patch of earth that we actually have to carry her over, otherwise our walks would be at least a half hour longer. After she picks up a rock or leaf she hands it to one of us to carry for her. Our walks take a lot of extra time these days!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Baby Bull

Sadie and I are sick today. We're hoping tomorrow will be better but if it's not I think we'll make an appointment at the clinic because it hurts to swallow and has for a couple of days. I was hoping it was just because the hotel air was so dry with the air conditioning, but I'm afraid that was just denial. We have caught a bug. And it is a sore throat type of bug. At least we know we have already had the H1N1 vaccine. That does make me feel a little bit better (actually it makes me feel a lot better).

Sadie did have a lot of fun acting like a little bull yesterday. She got the idea from playing with one of her cousins with his sweatshirt and now whenever she sees someone take off their sweater or sweatshirt she starts to giggle hysterically. She'll head for it full speed like a bull running after a matadors cape, giggling non-stop and closing her eyes when she runs by. We have to stop her from running into furniture constantly, because she gets so excited. The first time she did it to Nani, Nani wasn't sure what she was doing and was just trying to put her sweatshirt away and Sadie kept trying to pull it down with her hands while shrieking and running circles around Nani trying to run past her shirt.

Speaking of running in circles, that is another favorite Sadie event. She thinks that it's hilarious to run around in circles until she falls down. And she's been trying to do somersaults (no idea where she got the idea for this and I don't like it because she's so little it looks like she's hurting herself, but she puts her head down like she's going to flip over and giggles). She just never stops moving!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

We're Home!

It's good to be home! I expected to be able to post here while we were down south, but the hotel charged $9.99 a day for internet access and that was a bit steep for me these days! While I was very tempted I just couldn't justify it and so my blog and email got put on hold.

Sadie had an amazing time on our trip. She was excited to meet more of her cousins and second cousins. My sisters kids, ages 16, 15, 13 and 10 were there and my cousins three younger kids were there too (the youngest is 2 and a half and Sadie was thrilled to have someone her size around). And I took a ton of pictures, which you'll be seeing here over the course of the next few weeks.

We did discover on the trip that Sadie is most definitely the most sea worthy member of our family. Both Mommy and Daddy got very sick on the boat. There were 9 foot swells and it was pretty bumpy. We were all okay until they killed the boats engine for the memorial part of the service and then the bumpiness got to be a little bit too much. Sadie is the only one who has a chance of being a sailor in this family.

Sadie was relieved to see that all her toys were still her when we got home. She always seems to worry that they'll disappear when we're away and has to check every one when we get back (even when it's just a day trip shopping). Now it's time for sleep! Sadie has been bouncing off the walls all day and I'm worn out!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Long Day of Driving

I just have time for a quick post. I'm so sleepy these days that my new bedtime seems to be 8:00 and it's almost half past eight right now. Sadie is finally asleep, she had a tough time drifting off and seemed preoccupied with where each of her stuffed animals was, probably because we're in a hotel room.

We left the house at half past nine this morning and headed south. We're headed to Point Lobos for my grandmother's memorial service on Thursday and decided to take the long drive down in two parts for Sadie's sake. Sadie managed to stay awake for the first three hours and after a gleeful lunch at KFC (gleeful because there was a pack of feral cats outside the window) she got back in her car seat and fell asleep, just before we got to the gas station we'd planned on stopping at. After quietly getting gas we were back on the road...

Less than an hour later, Sadie was awake. I don't know why, but she's only taking one very short nap these days (please don't tell me she's outgrowing them and that our napping days are drawing to a close!). We had made it to Stockton by then, but we were hoping to get even I pulled out Grumpa's portable DVD player and popped in a Wonder Pets DVD. Bingo. Sadie's eyes were glued on the tiny screen. She sat silently for the next sixty miles and probably could have made it all the way to the ocean. Instead we stopped for the night in the Central Valley. Tomorrow we'll head over to the coast. We should get there pretty early! We're only an hour and a half away right now.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Not So Awful Day (Unless You Ask Sadie)

From Sadie's Point of View:

Today was a pretty fun day, but then Mommy had to go and spoil it with a trip into town tonight. I thought that the trip into town was going to be fun. Mommy let me bring Ming Ming, the Wonder Pet duck that says "this is serious" and I sat in the back in my big girl seat and tried to kick the back of Nani's seat, which doesn't work because when she drives the seat is further forward than when Grumpa drives. I can always give Grumpa's seat a good kick to make him say "who's kicking my seat!"

We got to a building that I recognized and it seemed like we were going to have some fun. There were a lot of people there and most of those people had kids with them. I knew exactly where all the toys are in this place, so I headed over to the table with all the toys and showed a little blonde boy how they worked. He just watched me though. Mommy was standing in a line, but Nani came over and helped me play and kept me from making the little boy cry by taking the toys in front of him (he was older than me! but I was quite a bit bigger). More and more people kept coming into the room and standing in the line and pretty soon it was filled all the way to the door! Then a door at the other end opened and Nani said we had to go and she took me over to stand by Mommy.

This is where things get bad. All the sudden I heard it. Kids crying. Babies crying. Then the big boy in front of me started panicking and screaming. I started wondering where Mommy had brought me! What did these kids know that I didn't know! I was rightfully concerned. We finally get to the front of the line and Mommy, who is usually pretty smart, looks at me and says the craziest thing. She says "okay Sadie, now watch Mommy, she's going to get a shot." And that's when I realize why we're here. Mommy smiles while she gets her shot and then tries to roll up my pant leg and I realize she thinks I'm going to get a shot too! So I start to scream to let her and everyone else know that she's crazy. And they give me the shot anyway!

To make matters worse after dinner (which was mac and cheese, which almost made up for the whole shot debacle) Mommy announced that tonight we're going to wash my hair! She knows I hate washing my hair! Tomorrow is definitely going to be better though! There's no way Mommy could top taking me to get a shot and washing my hair in one day, EVER!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sadie brought Robbie into the pillow house today for a ride. She doesn’t seem to realize that stacking pillows and putting a giant rubber horse on top of them, with the intent of riding him, could be a potential danger. She just knows that it’s a little more bouncy. I had to stage a rescue after she face planted, on purpose, into the pillows and was pinned by Robbie (and the fact that she’d gotten her arms behind her). I really hope she would have been able to get out on her own, but she seemed pretty stuck!

Sadie also got to see Taylor, the little deer that was born the same month as she was, hanging out on the lawn between our cabin and Nani and Grumpa’s house. He has certainly grown. He has little spikes now and you can recognize him by his fluffy white nose. Sadie stood at the window and watched him for at least ten minutes, hardly moving a muscle. His older brother, Tucker, has been spotted around too, and made it through hunting season safe and sound, now that he’s got forked antlers.

And in super happy news: The whole family now has health insurance! Yay! What a blessing!

And here's a Sadie Flash Back Picture!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sadie Meets Her First Bully

Sadie met her first play ground bully today. I think she was a little shocked. Particularly since the girl had three or four years on Sadie and probably should have been in school. Instead she was at a playground with her dad (so maybe she was a tall four year old...).

Anyways, the first thing I have to say is that I was the only parent at the playground actually watching my child. ALL of the other parents were too busy text messaging on their blackberries to so much as glance up and see what their little ones were up to. I think there could have been a brawl in the pre-school play area and some of the parents would have sat, eyes glued on their phones, clicking away, without so much as glancing up.

Our little playground bully in particular was running wild. She was climbing up on all the little kids' toys and then launching herself through the air, nearly knocking the littler kids over with each swoop. Sadie mostly stayed out of her way as she sprinted back and forth from one side of the playground to the other, giggling. Then the little girl climbed to the top of a slide, stood up and started dancing (these are little, soft slides for little kids. Sadie stopped next to it to watch. And the little girl turned around, looked at her and said "Hey little kid, get away from this slide! I'm playing on it!" I was already headed over, worried that she was going to slip and come crashing down on Sadie, and I convinced Sadie to come over and play on the big soft bear toy. Sadie was still pretty happy and was about to give the bear a big kiss when the little girl followed her over to the bear to claim it as her toy too. And that's when we decided it was time to leave the playground to play on the Bob the Builder Tractor.

Nothing is better than riding the Bob the Builder Tractor, even at 75 cents a ride. Sadie completely forgot about the playground as she steered her tractor "around" the mall (okay, it stationary, but she really thinks she's driving it around the mall)!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Football Game Pictures

Here are the pictures from Sadie's big night going to her very first football game!

Mac and Cheese at Burger King Before the Game!

Sitting with Nani!

Go Wolves! Beat the Bears!

Cuddling with Mommy!

Watching the Game with Grumpa!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Energizer Bunny

Sadie is running right now. She sprints from the living room, into the kitchen, around through the dining room into the front hallway and then makes a last sprint by the bookshelf before making her way back into the living room where everyone is watching Wheel of Fortune. She leaves a mini path of destruction in her path, trailing board books, toys and occasionally a dish towel, behind her.

The tables and counters are no longer high enough to deter her grabby little hands and if a surface is too high, she's willing to climb to get what she wants. The other day I watched as she (quickly) launched herself up onto a chair and stood, grabbing hold of the tv and trying to hoist herself up onto the tv stand so that she could lower herself into her bassinet/toy bin to go after the cat who had taken refuge there. I jumped up when I saw her plan unfolding and stopped her just before a major accident occurred.

Today Sadie's favorite game was peekaboo. She would run up behind me when I was sitting on the floor and hide behind my back and then giggle hysterically while I pretended to "look" for her. She actually managed to stay quite for about three seconds a couple times, and then she'd giggle and start tugging on my shirt before completely falling over on a pile of pillows, only to start the game over again a few seconds later.

Sadie had a little time away from Mommy today when I went to the a doctor's appointment (to confirm that Sadie's going to be a big sister for the insurance). I don't think she even knew that I was gone (and it was confirmed!)!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Giggle Monster

Sadie was in a giggly mood today. I don't know what set it off, but it started fairly early in the morning and lasted right up until bedtime, when she started to look as if her hysterical giggling was impeding her walking in such a way that she was rapidly becoming a danger to herself (she kept standing up, walking one step and then dramatically collapsing on the ground in a fit of giggles for no particular reason).

Her little plastic Wonder Pet toys were her partners in crime. She carries them everywhere. They frequently stage attacks on the Fischer Price Little People house and this morning I saw the baby that lives in the house get tossed off the roof. I think that the duck did it. When the baby isn't jumping off the roof, however, Sadie has it driving the tractor. I think she's trying to tell Grumpa that she thinks she's ready to drive his tractor, but that's just a theory.

And now she's passed out, snuggled up to Oatmeal Bear and Mrs. Bunny. After all that playing and giggling, maybe she'll sleep more than two consecutive hours tonight!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Baby's Where?!?!?!

Sadie is a little confused. It started this morning when we came up from the cabin to visit Nani and Grumpa. I was feeling a little sick and went to get a rice cake to help my stomach calm down a bit and Nani took Sadie. Nani was talking with Sadie and asked her if Mommy has a baby in her tummy. Sadie looked at Nani and, in her perfect, clear little voice, said "no!"

Sadie is not one of those toddlers (so far) who says "no" to every question. In fact, she's much more likely to respond with a "yeah" answer when you ask her something. "Sadie are you ready to get down off Mommy's lap and play?" "Yeah!" "Do you want to eat breakfast?" "Yeah!" "Is it time for your bath?" "Yeah." The last time anyone remembers her saying no was on Christmas morning, when she was six months old and we were recording her playing under the tree. She was laying on her back playing with her feet and I said, "Sadie are you playing with your feet?" In her little, clear voice she said "no!" and went on playing. So Nani was surprised when Sadie said "no!" to her question.

I came back into the room in time for the next question, which was, where is the baby? Sadie looked very serious and pointed to her own stomach. She's been doing this throughout the day. She even did it when I asked her where the picture of "tiny baby Sadie" is. She loves pointing out this particular picture, and does so every day. It's the one that was taken in the hospital and it's framed in Nani's living room opposite the TV. Now when asked the question she gets a determined little look and points again at her belly button.

It's funny, because we've been talking about how she's going to be a big sister, and she definitely gets the idea that something is going on. She's taken an interest in her dolls (and she's a tractor girl, so that's unusual) and has been given her baby Abby wet kisses.

Something, however, has been lost in translation.

Her other new phrase is used when she wants to nurse. She says "num, num Mama!" Once she was a little more creative and said "ba-ba" when she was hungry. We figured out that this is because she has a book that says "hungry baby says, 'ba-ba'" and Sadie, who hasn't had a bottle since I realized how colicky they made her when she was about a month old (I tried to use them on a road trip and it was a disaster!), thinks that "ba ba" is another word for hunger, rather than the word for "bottle." She's a smart little princess though and knows that if she's hungry the book says the word is "ba ba"!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

First Hair Cut!

I finally broke down and trimmed Sadie's bangs today. We were hoping they would grow out, but since she refuses to keep a clip, bow or hair tie in for more than five minutes (there have been rare times when we've gone longer because she's been distracted, but as I said those times are rare!) it needed to be trimmed so that it would stay out of her eyes.

This is a before photo from a few days ago

I trimmed off the tiniest bit while she was asleep at nap time. It was tough to do, since she'd fallen asleep on my arm, but I finally managed to wiggle my arm free without waking her and a few minutes later, she had bangs. Between cutting Paul's hair (even shorter) again last week and cutting Sadie's hair today, our house is becoming quite the little hair salon.

I'll try to get some pictures of Sadie tomorrow with her news bangs because it really makes her look older. They're actually starting to get even (she still has some parts that are still wispy baby hair) and that makes her look much less like a baby and more like a little girl! I can't believe my eyes!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sadie's Big Announcement!

Sadie writes:

There is big news today and since Mommy has been so incredibly sleepy, I figured that if anyone was going to write about what's going on, it was going to have to be me! So here it is, the big news you've all been waiting for.... drum roll please....

I am going to be a big sister!

That's right, it's really true! I am going to be a big sister and I'm going to get to do all the things that the big sister gets to do! I'm not sure what those things are yet, but I'm very excited! Now it's way past bedtime. I had a lot of fun at the game tonight and I drank more of Mommy's milk shake than she drank, which is probably why I'm still awake and bouncing up and down, but even I know when it's time to go to bed!

Oh, and before I forget, something else wonderful happened today! When we were at the game my Grumpa caught me one of the little foam footballs the cheerleaders were throwing up into the stands and I LOVE it! This has been the best day ever!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Hamper

Sadie's favorite toy these days is the laundry basket that I use to fold the laundry in an carry it upstairs to put away. I left it empty on the floor of her play room and she has commandeered it and turned it into the centerpiece of most of her play time upstairs. She likes to get into it with two buckets, one of which we fill with puzzle pieces and the Saint cards that she got for Halloween. She then sits in the hamper and moves the pieces and cards from one bucket to the other. Sometimes she dumps them into the hamper around her and then picks them back up again. I don't exactly understand the game, but she assures me that it is absolutely fantastic AND a LOT of fun. She certainly has quite the imagination.

Tomorrow is going to be a very big day. Sadie is finally going to get to see her first live, in person, football game. Our local team is playing their cross state rivals (that's what happens when you live in a rural area, you're teams rivals live over two hours away, each way). The bus ride for the other team gives our team a real advantage during home games, although it also gives them a disadvantage at away games. She'll finally get to use her "touchdown" arms while watching a game in person. This ought to be fun to watch!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Real Chuck E Cheese?

Sadie has been pointing to the picture of Chuck E Cheese of the refrigerator for weeks. She smiles and giggles when she sees the cartoon mouse. her entire face lights up.

So today we decided to stop by Chuck E Cheese to take a break from our shopping. It's great to go on a weekday for an early lunch because there's hardly anyone there, usually just a couple of parents with toddlers or preschoolers.

I took Sadie straight over to her favorite ride, which is a car with a statue of Chuck E in the passenger seat, that snaps a picture a few seconds after you start it. The pictures taken are some of the ones we have on the refrigerator and during the last few trips there it has been Sadie's favorite ride.

Today it started out as her favorite ride and then.... Sadie realized something. She looked at the Chuck E Cheese statue on stage and raced over to see him. He moves and talks. We came back to the car ride and she examined the Chuck E statue, who has been her buddy for the past month, and she was horrified to discover that he wasn't even real! He doesn't move. He doesn't talk. She touched him mouth! He wasn't even soft like a mouse.

After that she would have nothing to do with him! When I asked her where Chuck E was she would turn in the opposite direction and point at the Chuck E on stage. So much for her favorite ride! I'm hoping she's forgiven the Chuck E statue for not talking by our next trip to pizza. I love getting the cute little polaroid shots for twenty five cents and they aren't nearly as cute when she's mad at Chuck E!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One Tough Bunny

Sadie is one tough little kid. She had a clumsy day today that involved sitting down and playing next to a doll house that she had knocked over (the fischer price one for little ones) and then getting into a crawling position and looking at it. Suddenly in a completely unexpected move that horrified Nani and I she let go with both hands and face planted into the doll house. We both jumped up, expecting a scream and tears. Instead she pushed herself back up and wrinkled her nose (I was looking for blood because she hit hard). She was a little surprised and kept moving her nose around like a tiny bunny and then, without making a peep went back to playing.

Sadie's tears when she does fall down are usually directly related to how sleepy she is. When she isn't tired or in desperate need of a nap she doesn't cry. She falls down, gets back up, and keeps racing around the room. I'd like to strap pillows onto her with bungie cords, because she could use some padding as she smashes around the house, or scarier still, outside.

I wonder when the sense of balance start to improve or if this is just a sign that she's going to take after her two clumsy parents.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Tattered Teddy

Sadie was not happy with Mommy today. See this look? ---->
I got it a lot!

Last week we decided that we were going to have a fun family day on Monday. We started out by going to Mass, where Sadie sat like a little angel (she's been getting better each week at sitting quietly and she spends most of Mass on Daddy's lap these days). Then we went to the post office and did some errands. Since we were planning on having lunch in town we had time to burn, so we headed over to the park where Sadie played in the leaves and swung on the swings, but it was still very cold and a little damp and so we got back in the car and tried to think of a way to spend the next hour.

There's a mercantile mall in town that we'd never been to, although it's been open for quite a while, and we decided to check it out. It had tons of neat antiques (although we weren't actually shopping) and Sadie enjoyed being carried around by Daddy, until she saw it. "It" in this case was a large, old, ratty brown teddy bear that someone (who has a loose grip on reality) thought they could sell for $15. I'm not sure they would be able to give the bear away if they tried.

Sadie pleaded and begged to be put down to see the bear. And then I made the mistake of the day. I picked it up. I was holding Sadie at this point and I don't know how I couldn't see that picking up the bear would be a terrible idea. I thought that she could play with it for a few minutes, while Paul looked around a bit more and then we'd head home.

Sadie kissed the bear. She hugged it. She snuggled it's tattered old face. After a while I pried it away from her and said "okay, we have to say goodbye to the bear. Let's put him back in the chair. Bye, bye bear." And then the screaming started. After a minute Paul decided to give cheering her up a try and lifted her into his arms for a game of peekaboo in front of a mirror. She calmed down a bit, although there was an occasional sob. A bit more time passed and I thought it might be safe to approach. I walked over and asked Paul if he'd seen something. And then the tears started again. I was the bad guy! I'd taken the bear away!

She forgave me a few minutes later, but only barely. It is clear that I'm not to be trusted with teddy bears anymore. I just don't know how valuable a beat up old bear can be!