Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where a Kid Can Be a Kid...

We were supposed to go to the pumpkin patch today, but it turns out that neither of them open until next week (although they've already started advertising, which is why there was some confusion). Since we'd planned a big day we decided to make up for it by going to Chuck E. Cheese. Sadie is a big Chuck E Cheese fan.

When you walk in the front door, they stamp the child's hand with a stamp that is only visible under a black light and then they stamp one of the parents' hands with the same number. The numbers have to match to take your kid home. This is such a great safety precaution, although when we go to Chuck E Cheese it's usually during the week at around 11:30, which means that we pretty much have the entire place to ourselves.

We got a meal deal today that came with a hundred tokens. That meant that Sadie got to go on all the rides that her little heart desired (she loves the fire engine ride and the Chuck E Cheese photo car ride) and the grown ups got to work for about an hour to try and win all the tickets that we possibly could. We've gone twice now and have saved up 720 tickets. Only 1280 more until we have enough to get the big Chuck E Cheese bouncy ball.

We also learned that it's pretty much impossible to get Sadie to smile when she gets her picture taken by the photo machine that turns the picture into a sketch afterwards. She's so busy looking up at the video screen with her face on it that no amount of effort can get her to look down under the screen at the video camera. However, those pictures may make an appearance when she's thirty and her father finally allows her to go on her first date.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Three Hour Naps, Spiders and a Pumpkin Patch

Sadie is asleep. it took a while to get her to go to sleep because we are at that short, wonderful time of year, where we don't need a heater or an air conditioner and so the room is entirely silent. Sadie isn't used to going to sleep in a silent room. I turned on her teddy bear which makes a heart beat sound, but he really just seemed to irritate her (although she loves him to pieces when she's awake).

It may also have to do with the fact that she took a three hour nap today. She's down to one nap a day now, but it tends to be a super long power nap, although three hours is on the long side even for those naps who are in the "super long" category.

She's also almost completely recovered from a nasty little spider bite on her leg. We noticed it after it happened and never saw the spider. At first it looked like a mosquito bite. By the next day it was the size of a fifty cent piece, which, if you think about it, is pretty big for a bug bite, particularly on a baby (unfortunately the "next day" happened to be Saturday. Why do things like this always happen on the weekend when you can't call the doctor in the office?). It didn't really seem to bother her until Saturday night when she started screaming when we tried to put cream on it. Yesterday it was a little smaller and today it is down to the size of a quarter and no longer seems to hurt at all. However if you ask Sadie where her "ouchie" is she will point to the spot, although one out of four times she accidently points to the wrong leg.

I am now paranoid about spiders and am checking for them everywhere. I think it happened when we were in Trinity Center on Friday. It doesn't help that she has such sensitive skin and that mosquito bites tend to stick around for weeks when they get to her. I hope this spider bite fades faster!

Tomorrow we should get some cute pictures. We're headed into the city to go to a pumpkin patch. Sadie is going to go crazy when she sees big pumpkins. She's already in love with the little ones we have here and lugs one around with her all the time.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Daddy's Little Princess Bunny

Sadie is so happy that Daddy is back from his weekend away at school! She even managed to stay up until her got home last night! She doesn't like it when he's gone and practically rips the phone out of my hand when he calls. Thank goodness for speakerphone because she hadn't quite gotten the hang of putting the phone to her ear yet (unless it's the little toy phone that came with her kitchen... she walks around with that pressed to her ear all the time. Once when the real phone rang she ran over and picked her little phone up.). Today's post are our most recent Sadie and Daddy pictures. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Big Girl!

Sadie is learning, learning, learning and gets a huge smile on her face every time she tries something new. This weekend it has been:

1) The Itsy Bitsy Spider
2) Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes (the song)
3) Combing the first half of the Itsy Bitsy Spider with the second half of Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes= "The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout, down came the rain and washed the spider out... knees and toes knees and toes" (by dance motions)
4) Shushing people
5) Putting her finger up her nostril (this evolved from shushing people... maybe if I don't make a big deal over it she'll forget how to do it...).
6) Nodding her head up and down and smiling when ever anyone says yes.
7) Pointing at the TV and saying "ah" whenever a touchdown is made in a football game.

I was watching her tonight as she excitedly fluttered around Paul after he got home from school and she just seemed so much more grown up! There are so many things she's learning to do!

We also went to the Harvest Festival today. There were a ton of vendors there, but the high point was definitely the string band that was playing kids songs. Sadie even danced a little! It was quite a day!

Friday, September 25, 2009

We Love the Itsy Bitsy Spider

Sadie has a little boom box that she carries around that is filled with music. It makes every single trip we go on so much more comfortable, because when Sadie has the little blue plastic boom box in her hand she is usually happy. She plays games with it. One game she likes to play is to switch the song any time someone says "I like this song." This doesn't happen very often, as she has over a hundred preschool/toddler age songs, but occasionally a Disney song does come on. Today when the theme song from Enchanted came on Nani, who was in the seat in front of me, said "don't say that you l-i-k-e this s-o-n-g." As soon as she said the words, spelling out like and song, Sadie clicked the button and changed it to the next song and smiled.

There is one song that she listens to every time though. The Itsy Bitsy Spider. And today when it came on she looked over at me and started to try to do the hand movements. She does the spider like the sign language sign for "more" and then she twists her hands a little (she's doing the spider hand movement in the picture). Then she lifts her hands up and wiggles her fingers to do the rain. And off course next the sun comes up. Now I'm not sure where she came up with this, but she has been trying to run around behind me and make the circle in front of my bum (thank you Sadie, apparently that's what reminds you of the sun?) while giggling (at least she knows she's being silly).

Her other achievement is the ability to "shush" people. I put my finger up to my lips and shush her when she uses her "outdoor" voice indoors. She started to do that today at lunch and I made a shushing sound without really thinking about it and she got a huge smile and brought her finger up to her mouth and then spent the next five minutes looking around the table at everyone and smiling and shushing them. She certainly learns quickly!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Don't Worry the Squirrel is Safe

When we saw the fox in the backyard a couple of days ago, he looked pretty cute. We looked around and didn't see any cute furry animals for him to go after (there's a reason are cats are indoor cats) and so Sadie, Nani, Grumpa and I stood by the window and watched him prance across the back lawn. Except suddenly, he stopped prancing. He skulked a ways and then ran up into a tree. I had never known that foxes could run up into trees. We thought that he was going to get onto the roof of the house, because the tree almost touches it. Instead, about ten seconds later, we saw exactly what he was going after. A squirrel plummeted out of the tree, side by side with a free falling fox. Even without seeing the squirrels chipped ear I knew who he was. Alvin. Sadie's new squirrel friend (Teddy disappeared mysteriously a few weeks ago).

I couldn't let a fox eat Alvin.

I ran outside and yelled and the fox and I were face to face. He went from being a cute, fluffy forest animal, to being a snarling ball of fury with evil, beady eyes. He was not frightened in the least. Luckily he was distracted for long enough for Alvin to escape into his burrow. The fox was still looking at the squirrel's tunnel so I threw a water bottle and stomped my feet (very dignified, I know) and he finally sauntered away.

Sadie watched the entire incident from the window and apparently it made quite the impression. She started searching through her animal books looking for foxes and squirrels and pointing them out. Today when we got home from the library Sadie sat down and showed Nani a picture of three foxes. When Nani asked her what Mommy said to the fox Sadie smiled and said "Na! Na! Na!" (which is her word for "No!" after reading Bartholomew Bear. It made quite the impression!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Backhoe Loaders, Brush Rigs, Ambulance and Fire Trucks

How many trucks can exist in one small town? The answer in our town is "a lot." And today Sadie saw a lot of trucks. We went geocaching with Daddy and Nani and Grumpa and Nini and Gigi before going out for an anniversary lunch. The geocache just happened to be at the fire station in town. Sadie knows the names of pretty much every truck we see these days and she wasn't all that impressed by the ambulance or the "fire chiefs truck." After spending about five minutes looking for the geocache she spotted the garage. And it was full of fire trucks (she gives me a look when I say "fire trucks" because she recognizes them as "fire engines" in her truck and tractor book). She squealed and raced across the parking lot. Once inside the garage (which had a water tender, a brush rig, a rescue truck and three fire engines- Grumpa told me the various names of the fire engines but I can't remember them all! Sadie probably can...) Sadie tried to escape. She sensed that Mommy and Daddy weren't going to let her stay forever and that was exactly what she had planned.

After we returned to where Nini and Gigi were geocaching Sadie tried twice to escape and sneak back to the fire truck. She did get a stuffed fire dog out of the cache though and after that accepted that it was time to go to lunch.

But who could have guessed that lunch was going to be so exciting? Cal-Trans had torn the sidewalk that runs through downtown up and are removing the roots of the trees (and several giant trees) while business goes on as usual in the shops that open onto the sidewalk. We were having lunch in a place that just happened to look out at the backhoe loader (one of the tractors that Sadie is the most obsessed with in her book). While we watched the backhoe loader work a procession of other trucks and large vehicles went past and Sadie was delighted to see a RV towing a boat, a RV towing a hummer, log trucks, container trucks and tons of cars and pickup trucks. It was quite the day! I'm not sure we'll ever be able to top it!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Serious Case of the Wiggles

Sadie is sound asleep, taking an early afternoon nap. She’s even snoring, making a cute little whining sound (she’s still a little fussy).

Sitting through Mass has become quite the challenge. I’m beginning to look back on her less mobile days fondly (at least for the couple of hours each week that we’re sitting in pews). I used to worry that she was going to cry and disrupt the service as I rushed her out of the church. These days I worry that she’s going to break free of her father’s grip and race up to the altar screaming (or laughing) as she goes for the chalice (we’re big on cups these days).

I bought her Church Shoes, which I’d read could help children understand the seriousness of the situation, but I think that a straight jacket would be more effective.

Instead we shuffle her back and forth between us and try not to go completely insane!

On Sunday she spent 90% of the hour on the steps out in front (at least you can hear everything from there). She cried for most of it and if you’d told me in advance, I never would have believed the reason.

And here it is: Flowers.

Anticipating a rowdy hour we sat at the very back of the church so that we could make a quick exit when the wiggles struck. Unfortunately Sadie noticed the beautiful vase of flowers on the table behind us, in the nook under the stairs that go up to the choir loft, about five minutes into the service. She decided that those flowers should be hers. She reached for them. I stopped her. A tantrum ensued. I took her outside.

We make sure that the outside time isn’t fun. She has to be held until she calms down (we don’t want to encourage tantrums, just so that we can go outside!). And this Sunday she calmed down pretty quickly on each trip outside. Then we would go back into the church and she would see the flowers from a few feet inside the door and the screaming would start.

Who knew that in twelve months a leaking diaper would seem so much easier to deal with then a severe case of the wiggles!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Rough Day Made Better: Sadie Falls in Love

Sadie had another tough day. She tripped and bit a hole in her top lip. She still doesn't seem to be feeling great, although she's not sick. I am waiting for her eighth tooth to break through and explain it all away, any day now.

The day started out badly when I had to wake her up so that we could go on a planned trip to Redding to do some food shopping. Sadie is not a morning person. I am, but apparently she takes after Daddy. I never realized that sort of thing was so ingrained at such a young age. After a rough start, waking up, we went into town. We were early (she could have slept a little later!) because we wanted to grab lunch before we went to the store (afterwards we'd have to go straight home with the groceries in the triple digit heat) and we decided to go to a local toy store. We were hoping to get some ideas for Christmas (I was favoring the Radio Flyer pedal cars) but as soon as we walked through the door Sadie's eyes light up. She had seen him.

She only had eyes for Rody.

I think Rody (who we've named Robby, which is the name of Sadie's cousin, two uncles, her Grandpa and her Grumpa... there's so many it's hard to keep track!) will be one of those toys that she looks back on fondly in twenty years. It reminded me of a rocking horse that I had (although the rocking horse was brown and fabric) and while we hadn't planned on buying anything, we left the store with Robby.

The horse was between two bicycles in the store and Sadie spent the entire time we were there trying to move them to get to Rody.

When we got home she repeatedly kissed his nose, patted his back and ears and tried to shove me away any time I touched him to steady her. And of course, they "galloped" slowly across the room together. I think she's in love... It's only a matter of time before she's horse crazy.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baby Attacks Tomato!

They say a pictures worth a thousand words, so here are three Sadie pictures for todays blog. We have yet to master the fine art of self feeding. But she does enjoy herself!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Hay Truck and a Snake!

Sadie still is a little under the weather (which is mostly manifesting itself in extreme fussiness) but we still had an exciting day today. First off a hay truck showed up at our house this morning to deliver 10 tons of alfalfa. Sadie could hardly believe her luck. We walked down together (she was still in her pajamas, although we did put on a jacket because it's finally getting chilly at night) and checked things out. First we walked all the way around the truck. Then we went in the barn where the hay was being unloaded. Then Sadie decided that it was much cooler to be carried around the hay truck by Grumpa then to walk with Mommy.

So Sadie and Grumpa walked around the truck again. Sadie tried to pick the bugs off the front grill and Grumpa even opened the door so that Sadie could look inside the cab. Then she went over and Grumpa let her stand on the bed of the truck and then, when she got brave and started trying to walk away, across the bed, got up there with her.

She did get momentarily distracted by the pumpkins in Nani's garden and even found one that was no longer attached to the vine (probably the result of a thieving ground squirrel) and carried it around for the rest of the day.

By midmorning though, it was clear that Sadie wasn't feeling hot. She curled up on my lap and slept for three hours (my arm has almost recovered. Every time I tried to move and shift her weight at all she would start to whine and fuss in her sleep.).
The other surprise of the day came when Nani and Sadie were walking down to water the lavender. Sadie started pointing at a plant on the ground next to her foot. Nani looked at it and didn't see anything. Then a snake shot out and went between Sadie's feet before disappearing into the grass. Sadie, who had a frog jump and land on her chest earlier in the week, is still fearless when it comes to slimy, slithery animals.

And that is our very exciting day.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tom and Jerry and a Cement Truck

Sadie is feeling little bit sick today and needs lots of rests (recovering from her shots). We went into town for Grumpa to get his hair cut and while Sadie and I were walking down the street a cement truck from the local quarry went by. The driver saw me pointing and Sadie staring, wide eyed (she's been looking at the cement mixer in her courderoy bear book and her truck book) and tooted the horn. It may have been the high point of Sadie's day.

The other high point of the day came when Sadie was resting on my lap at Nani and Grumpa's. Since she's under the weather I was looking for a cartoon she could watch. We tried the Tigger and Pooh Super Sleuths and she wasn't all that impressed. Then I found Tom and Jerry. Sadie couldn't stop laughing. She could hardly breath when Tom got smacked over the head with the broom. She laughed until she had started coughing, which turned into hiccups. Then she hiccuped and laughed as poor Tom tried to keep the house clean while Jerry tried to make a mess. Now she's sound asleep on my lap.

When she wakes up we'll read more about Courderoy and Bartholomew! Sadie loves her bear books!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Vaccines are Done (for a few years, at least)

Here is a quick Sadie update for the night before we both drift off to sleep!

Sadie had her fifteen month vaccinations today and was up and running around this afternoon. It was the last of her baby vaccines. Now she doesn't need another (with the exception of flu shots) until she turns 4. Maybe that will give her a chance to forget how much she dislikes going to the doctor's office.

She definitely remembered why we were going today. We had a full out melt down that lasted for most of the two hour visit (they had some sort of emergency they had to fit in and were running behind... I can't complain though, because a few times with Sadie's ear infections they've fit us in!).

We have also read about Bartholomew bear several dozen times in the last few days. That book has definitely grown on Sadie. She's not going to be happy when we return it to the library! The best part about that is that when we check it back out in a few weeks she gets so excited (we got to see that when we rechecked out Peekaboo Who, which is another book that she loves).

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Potato Soup and Cheese

Here is an old picture of Sadie (from December) that I just had to share! She's playing with her fischer price nativity. She looks so tiny and so different without her curls (these days when I say "beautiful curls" she touches her hair!).

We made potato soup yesterday (Nani did most of the work, although I can take credit for adding the milk and stirring until it was smooth) and tonight when we were having the left over’s Sadie realized that she loves potato soup! She doesn’t like it as much when it’s plain, but she relishes taking a little pinch of cheddar cheese and carefully placing it on top of each and every spoonful of soup. It doesn’t count if the cheese is sprinkled over all of the soup in her bowl in advance. She inspects each and every bite that she takes and then carefully adds a few more pieces of cheese, even if it’s already coated.

Tomorrow we have to go to Redding for Sadie’s 15 month round of shots. It’s not something I am looking forward to! Sadie associates the doctor’s office with shots and ear infections (more specifically with the doctor looking in her ear to see if she has an ear infection, which Sadie thinks is the scariest thing in the entire world). Odds are, even with her little music player, she’s going to be a basket case as soon as we get into the exam room.

After spending almost half a year as a 2T, Sadie is starting to outgrow some of her 2T outfits and has been wearing some of her 3T dresses. She’s also a size 7 in shoes now and seems to be going through a growth spurt. She’s been gobbling down everything in sight. Her current favorite food is cottage cheese and her favorite drink (which trumps her favorite food) is milk. Right now she’s watching her Your Baby Can Read DVD to settle in for the night and in a few minutes it’ll be time for bed. Goodnight!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bartholomew Bear

Sadie can still tell you what a bear says when it eats a fish (“ahhhhhhhh”) because of the bear eating a fish picture on the wall in the bathroom. But now she can also tell you what a bear says when it’s time for bed (from her new library book where the baby bear, Bartholomew, doesn’t want to go to bed). The baby bear in the book says “nah” over and over again at bedtime and now if you ask her what Bartholomew says she will say “nah nah nah” repeatedly in a quiet little voice. She actually gets shy when she’s saying actual “words.” Of course she’s excited enough about bears that she was bold enough to go up and give the bear in the picture a kiss at the playground.

Sometimes though, if you ask her the same question over and over again (i.e. “Sadie, can you show me where the giant excavator is?”) she’ll look at you like she feels a little bit sorry for you, because you’re so slow and you keep asking but you still don’t know which on is the giant excavator. Once in a while she’ll even raise one eyebrow while giving this particular look. It never fails to make Daddy laugh hysterically. I just can’t wait to hear what she has to say once she’s really talking!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Chuck E Cheese and a Patriots Game!

I know, I've said it before, but today was a big day for Sadie! We were going to Redding today so Nani and Grumpa could do some shopping (and Sadie and I went along so that Daddy could get some studying down without any distractions) and Grumpa suggested that we have lunch at Chuck E. Cheese.

When we walked in Sadie was a little overwhelmed. We put her on the fire truck ride and she sat there staring around her, wide eyed. Then she saw Chuck himself, and started pointed at the stage. I carried her over, fairly certain that she would freak out when we got close to him. After all, he is one of those giant robotic puppets. It could be kind of scary. Instead when we were about ten feet away Sadie started reaching towards the stage. When she still hadn't panicked when we were about four feet away I stopped and put her down. She raced over to the stage and stood at the edge with her chin on the stage looking up at the giant mouse lovingly.

After that we headed back over to the games. Sadie rode on the giant monster truck and got her picture taken four times in the car next to the mouse (the ride has a camera and it takes a picture and then the picture comes out, not bad for one token, which is equal to 25 cents). Grumpa and I worked on winning Sadie tickets while Nani convinced her to eat a little lunch and then once everyone was fed we all went back to playing. I was actually starting to get sore from shooting baskets (which we discovered was the best game for winning tickets) by the time we left. Sadie was definitely impressed by the restaurant.

Tonight after Daddy left for work he called to see how the Patriot's game was going. Sadie ran over while I was telling him about what had happened on the phone (they were still behind at that point) and started playing with my dress. Then, much to my surprise, she bit my leg! Hard! In fact, it was hard enough to leave a welt/bruise. Ouch! When I said "no, we do not bite" she threw herself on the ground dramatically and cried hysterically. She does not like being told she's not supposed to do something.

By the time the Patriot's turned the game around in the last two minutes Sadie had cheered up. When her team won she ran around the room squealing and clapping. If Daddy had been home to see it he would have been so proud!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Strolling with the Remote

Sadie has a cute little pink doll stroller that her great grandma Gee gave her for her birthday. It has a little bear on it and if you press the bear’s stomach it plays music. She knows how to press the button now to get the music to play, but that’s not the best thing about the stroller.

Sadie’s favorite thing to do with the stroller is kind of a surprise. She yanks her dolls out of it and runs around the room searching. Then she finds the remote control for the television and the satellite dish. She races back to the stroller and then carefully places them in the seat. Then she cruises around the room, pushing them in front of her. Occasionally she walks, pulling the stroller behind her with her dolls piled on the ground.

She also thought it was fun to take the remotes out of the stroller and bring them to Grumpa. She hands them to him and then she takes them back. Then she smiles at him and hands them to him again. She could be occupied by this activity for hours if she could just find someone to play along with it for that long! She tried to trade him the remotes for his coffee this morning, she definitely knows what they do and she thought it was a fair trade, but still no coffee for the baby, much to her disappointment (where she gets that I don't know, neither Mommy nor Daddy drink coffee!).

Right now she’s in her crib watching her “Your Baby Can Read” DVD. She hasn’t watched them in a long time and she loves them, so we’re trying to use it as a way to wind down before bedtime. Ten minutes until lights out!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Up and Running

Sadie is up and running around again. Yesterday was quite the scare! And how do you keep a fifteen month old who runs everywhere she goes, from trying to walk?

Today Sadie would limp from time to time (usually because she was being too hard on her pulled muscle). She didn't want to "take it easy" and thought that since her leg was now holding her weight, it was good to run, stomp, stumble and chase the cats around (I caught her following Delilah around holding on to her tail at one point).

I will be glad when this flu season is over (not that I'm wishing fall and winter, my two current favorite seasons, away), just because I'm so nervous she's going to get sick. Now she's waking up though so I have to run! Her little eyes are open!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sadie Update!

Thank you to everyone who knew about Sadie being sick today for the prayers. It has been a crazy day. We got to the doctor's office just after he opened and he saw us. He concluded that it was just a double ear infection, mostly because there have only been 3 cases of H1N1 in the county our doctor's office is in. He prescribed antibiotics and we headed home. He said that the fact that she couldn't walk wasn't anything to worry about and it was really hard to tell because as soon as Sadie walks in the doctor's office she starts screaming, so he only had my description to go on. He said that she wasn't walking because she didn't feel like walking... (I do really like this doctor, he's our family doctor, it's just so hard to diagnose a screaming baby!).

When we got home and put her down it became clear that that wasn't the case. She was smiley and cheerful (we're used to ear infections around here) but whenever she tried to stand or walk her right knee would buckle and she would collapse. After closer examination it became clear that her knee was swollen and bruised. I felt like an idiot.

So we went to the local clinic (after Paul talked to a social worker at Health and Human Services where we are still trying to get Medi-Cal) and saw another doctor. I had taped her walking/falling at home just in case she melted down again (she did). He checked her out and confirmed the ear infection and added a pulled muscle in her knee. He said if she's not better by Monday to bring her back and he'll take another look at it.

While we were in the county clinic there was a letter posted about the swine flu, confirming that this is the swine flu, that over a hundred plus students have it at our high school of 300 and that if you're sick in our area it's probably the H1N1 virus. Luckily so far, everyone in our family (my parents are both sick now too) are only mildly sick, with dizziness, headaches and nausea. The dizziness really is the worst part so far. The letter also said that they wouldn't formally confirm it as the swine flu until Monday, which is why it's not on our local news yet. So that's my day in a nut shell.

Sadie is now zooming around the living room, crawling. Hopefully the doctor will be right and she'll be up and about by tomorrow!

Thank you again for all the prayers!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crazy about Hand Washing

It's finally starting to feel like fall around here. It's actually cold in the mornings and at night, although it was back up into the triple digits today. We're getting very close to my favorite time of year. It would already be here if it weren't still getting quite so hot. Sadie did get to play in her pools today. I'm not sure how many more pool days we have left this year (I'm hoping less then 10 but that may be overly optimistic. Fall isn't actually here yet.).

This morning I got Sadie dressed to go play out side on the porch and then go on a walk. She was in long pants and I'd wrangled her into socks and shoes (Paul helped, making that infinitely easier) and I was trying to get her into her sweatshirt. When I said "okay Sadie, we just need to put this on before we go outside" she stopped and looked at me and then said "bye" and sprinted in the opposite direction. Unfortunately for Sadie this strategy has yet to work.

Sadie's newest favorite activity is washing her hands. We put a little chair in front of the sink and with a little help she can stand on it and almost reach the water. We help her get her hands wet and then use the pump to put a little foamy soap in her hands. She is crazy about foamy soap. Nani helped her wash her hands three times in a row. The third time Nani didn't give her soap because she'd already washed with soap so many times When I took her in to wash her hands before dinner she cooperated until the time came to wash the foam off of her hands. Then she tried to hide her hands so that I couldn't rinse the foam off. We were both a little bit wet when the foam was finally rinsed off.

After Sadie learned to wash her hands in the big sink I took her over to her toy kitchen and pointed out her little sink, which she takes out and moves around all the time. It was like she was seeing it for the first time. She understood what it was. She spent the rest of the time before dinner standing and pretend washing her hands in the little sink. When I would tell her to scrub them she would rub them together and then I'd say "now rinse" and she'd make them flat under the "facet." Then she collected four binkies and pretended to wash them several times. Once the binkies were clean she took the sink and carried it across the room to her "pillow house." She set the sink up in the corner of her pillow house and then looked proud. The hand and binkie washing was repeated yet again when I returned the sink to its rightful place in the kitchen.

She is so much fun to watch.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Driving Already!

Here are a few of the pictures I promised! I'm in the cabin so the internet isn't working too quickly, besides I should spread out the cuteness over a couple of days! Today's Sadie pictures are taken at the playground in "town." I am so sleepy right now I can hardly think of any Sadie stories, but even in my sleepy state one story does stand out. I was putting away Sadie's clothes tonight when it became very clear that someone needed a diaper change. When I asked Sadie is she needed her diaper changed she stopped and looked at me and then said in a very clear voice "yes." And then went over and kept playing.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Starting to Talk

Sadie is asleep next to me and hopefully she'll stay asleep long enough for me to finish this post! I will try to get my camera hooked up to my computer tomorrow so that I can upload all of the pictures we've taken in the last week or so. There's even a picture of Sadie on a carousel horse. After going on two carousel's she thinks she's a carousel riding pro and has a giant grin on her face.

Sadie has two signs that she uses every day. One is the actual American Sign Language sign for "more." The other is a sign that she made up that means "all done." She thinks it's hilarious to combine the two and say "more" and then when someone tries to feed her switch her hands and say "all done." Today after she finished a bowl of cereal Nani asked her if she was all done. She made the little "all done" motion with her hands and then said "yeah" out loud.

She also seems to be saying "hug" sometimes when she hugs people. It still shocks me anytime she says and actual word (and those moments are still pretty few). It's hard to imagine her actually talking. I can't wait to hear all the things she has to say!

She also spent today pouring over the American Girl catalogue that came in the mail this week. Anytime that I tried to look at it she would run over and sit on my lap and try to turn the pages to look at the Bitty Baby section. And she's started hauling her doll, Abby, around a lot more. Of course she can still identify 90% of the tractors in the tractor book by pointing when I say the name. I think that "giant excavator" (her favorite tractor picture) is the most frequently said word in our house. It may beat out "the" for that title.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Almost Had Time To Write A Blog...

Sadie is asleep in my left arm, so I'm typing with one hand. She was busy today. She brought a book over next to Grumpa and sat down on the ground. Then she flipped through the pages and squealed loudly when she would see a picture she recognized. She pointed to the ball, bucket, puzzle and tractor quite a few times. When she got to the shape page Grumpa said "Where's the star?" Sadie paused for about five seconds and then pointed to the star. Next Grumpa asked, "where is the triangle?" There was another pause before she pointed to the triangle.

And she said "up" twice after we got ready for bed. She's delighted when someone understands her babbling.

Now I have to go. A phone call woke my sleeping baby and now I have a squirming baby.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Garage Sales and Parks

I was very tempted to make a "major" purchase at a garage sale today. We were out garage sale shopping (this weekend is the county wide garage sale) and I found an old fashioned desk set (very old fashioned, with the ink well and everything). It was a row with three seats and two desks on big wrought iron bases. It was beautiful! Sadie went over and sat on it and it was the perfect size for her. However the price tag, $75, seemed like a lot to spend at a garage sale... and we're trying hard to save anything for Paul's upcoming years at grad school. So in a huge exercise of self control (not something that I usually have when shopping, but that I've been getting a handle on this past year) I left the desk where it was, looking adorable by the side of the road, waiting for a good home.

Sadie was thrilled to play at two different parks in two different towns and is now passed out on my lap! She had such a busy day! She and Nani and Daddy walked up from the park to the town arena just in time to see Mommy get tossed off the horse I was getting on. I learned my lesson: do not ride in the city arena on a weekend when half the people in town seem to be next door at the outdoor shooting range, shooting large guns!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Dada is the Best!

Sadie and Daddy are playing right now. "Dada" is currently her favorite word and when Daddy goes to work it isn't unheard of for Sadie to collapse next to the door after he walks out and burst into tears, mixed with the word "dada" being repeated over and over again. So playtime with Dada is pretty high on her list of favorite things.

Today we pulled out a fischer price water toy that Nani bought earlier in the summer but that we hadn't taken out of it's box. It fills with water and then there are little holes in the top that become little fountains. It started out slow as the inner water pockets filled. I went inside and when I came back out Paul was standing on the hose. He told me to stand on the hose while he turned down the water. Unfortunately I wasn't quite heavy enough and in the time it took me to bend over and kink the hose, Sadie got soaked. The little spouts became about three feet tall and Sadie ducked in the middle of the erupting water and covered her head. After thirty seconds of recovering she was back at it. She was a little annoyed that "her hose" was needed to run the toy, but she still loved it (any hose Sadie sees is "her hose."). When I unhooked it from the hose and the water started running out she spent a full minute trying to drink out of the hose connection. She's awfully silly sometimes!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

300 Sadie Posts!

This is my 300th Sadie post! I can't believe it! The last year has flown by. She's not really a baby anymore. She's a toddler with toddler tantrums and wonderful sweet moments (like when she decides she's going to walk over and bestow a kiss on someone).

She is also becoming quite the little helper in the garden. I hadn't thought I would be able to garden much with her around. I was afraid that she would run wild and that I would spend the entire time making sure that she didn't put anything dangerous in her mouth. Instead I worked on reclaiming a little patch that had been taken over by weeds and she sat next to me on the path, picking up wood chips and dropping them over and over again. Since she is very fond of copying what other people are doing (a cute example of this was yesterday when she saw Nani wipe something off the floor with a sponge. Sadie then demanded her own sponge and walked around the house "wiping" things off the floor and then standing up and smiling.) I showed her how to use a small hand held rake and then let her have at it. She worked on pine needles with the upside down rake.

After an hour of gardening Sadie was still happy and very filthy. I'll have to keep my eyes open for those little kid gardening tools that they usually put out in spring. Sadie is such a helper!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Day in Redding

We went to Redding today and took Sadie to play in the mall's Turtle Bay play area. Sadie and Grumpa arrived first, while Nani and I were looking at anti-bacterial hand sanitizer at Bath and Body works (gearing up for flu seasons). When Nani walked up Sadie was headed out of the play area and was running towards the coin operated car rides. She went straight to the front where the fire truck ride and tractor rides are and tried to get in the fire truck.

After $1.50 worth of riding in the tractor (2 rides) she was finally ready to check out the play area inside. She kept going back to the giant soft mushroom toy that she had played with before she was ready to walk (the least popular toy, it was the only one without a lot of competition over it when the play area was crowded). She seemed to remember it and kept running back to it between checking out the other parts of the playground.

Our last store of the day was Costco and Sadie fell asleep as we pulled into the parking lot. We tried to wake her, hopeful that she would sleep for the hour and a half drive home. Instead she stayed asleep as I hauled her around the store, finally retreating to wait in the car with shaking arms (for the record she now weighs in at 26 lbs). Thankfully she slept for most of the way home!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Everything in it's Place!

Sadie knows that there are rules and she's pretty funny about some of them. She knows that the cat water and cat food goes up on the counter, where the cats can get them and she can't, when she comes up to Nani and Grumpa's house in the morning. If she comes in and the cat food is on the floor she will hold perfectly still a few feet away and points at it until someone picks it up. She also knows that she isn't allowed to touch the large fan in Nani's room. Tonight it was on the floor when we went upstairs so she walked over near it and then pointed until Nani put it up on the window sill. She knows that things are supposed to be a certain way when she's in the house and if they aren't she lets us know.

Sadie spent the morning working in the garden with Mommy while Grumpa got the horses ready for riding. She thought that watching Mommy pull weeds was the most hilarious thing she'd seen all day. She also found an ancient plant container and held it in one hand while repeatedly picking up handfulls of woodchips from the path and dropping them. She was filthy by the time we went back inside but she had a great time. We seem to be filthy most days by noon now that Sadie is really walking around. I think that's just part of being a toddler.